Cal Brook claims he could retire regardless of the Terrence Crawford outcome

Cal Brook claims he could retire regardless of the Terrence Crawford outcome

Kyle Brook claims he could retire after a showdown with Terrence Crawford regardless of the outcome.

Brooke has challenged WBO welterweight King Crawford in a bubble at the Las Vegas MGM Grand early tomorrow morning, saying he has nothing left to prove if he beats a pound-for-pound contender.

He also says that even if he loses he will consider his fate as he has put everything in this fight against the undefeated tri-division world champ.

“I was happy to retire, knowing I had beaten the best,” said Brooke, who has fought 41 fights in a 16-year pro career. “What else do you want from me?” I would have beaten the King of Boxing Xing.

Brooke has a business record of 39 wins and two losses

“If I can’t win, I have to sit with my family because I know I’ve done everything I asked.

“So if I’m defeated by a better man, I sit down with my family and think about what to do next.”

Brooke, 34, is a big gift against Crawford and the collision, which will earn him one of his best purses of £ 1.5 million, is probably too late after four or five years.

Replacing trainer Dominic Ingle with stranger Carlos Formento could not help his fragile chances and he has not fought a 147 fight since losing his IBF crown to Errol Spence Jr. in May 2017.

Crawford has won all 36 of his professional bouts, most recently against Lithuanian Kavaliuskas.

Yet Brooke is bullish and insists he did better than his rival Aamir Khan last year when he pulled him to his corner after hitting a painful low from Crawford.

“I think he was looking for a way out,” said Brooke, who claims he is still interested in a fight with Khan. “He didn’t value the fans.

“It simply came to our notice then. I know I’ve been the best at beating Terrence Crawford and I believe I can do this job. “

Crawford awarded Khan a sixth-round TCO in April last year.

Brooke refuses to be intimidated by Crawford and claims the American is overrated.

“It’s very good, but I think they’re taking it with them.” “I don’t believe in hype. He had to show me why he ranks pound for pound because I don’t believe he is what they say he is. “

Brooke will fulfill her career ambitions when she fights on Ignatius MGM Grand and her only disappointment is that no fans will be present.

He said, “This is what a fighter dreams of. “I’ve dreamed about it since I was nine years old and seeing my name in the lights in Las Vegas is made up of the same dreams.

“I would love for the fans to be there. I draw strength from them, but it will be the same for him. ”

Crawford V Brook is on Premier Sports 1 via Sky and Virgin TV.

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