California fire: Government Gavin News declares state of emergency as counties fight several wildfires

California fire: Government Gavin News declares state of emergency as counties fight several wildfires

The state of emergency applies to Fresno, Madeira and Mariposa counties where creek fires are burning and San Bernardino and San Diego counties where Do El Dorado fires and valley fires are raging, according to a statement from the state’s emergency services Cal Fis (Sunday night). Said.

The three fires burned thousands of acres of land, destroyed homes and displaced thousands of residents, the OES said in a statement yesterday.

Dangerous tough flares due to high temperatures and dry conditions resulted in large scale airlift operation Rescued dozens of people Saturday night. They were celebrating a holiday weekend in the Mammoth Pool Reservoir when a wall of creek fire flares blocked roads in Madeira County, trapping them.

Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters, CPL. More than 200 people were airlifted from the campsite by. David Hole of the California National Guard said during a press conference Sunday.

The rescue operation began late Saturday and was completed by 1:30 a.m. Sunday, he said. As the weather worsened, rescue workers decided to call as many people as possible to the camp site.

“In that second round – when it was more important to get everyone out – it was important that they would bring everyone in, secure what they could and then everyone else took a seat on the floor.” “We don’t like to operate this way, but this situation is life-threatening because of the seriousness of the situation, so the pilots and command made a decision by asking to go in a helicopter and load it into the elevator as much as possible.”

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Hall Hall said two people were seriously injured and 19 were injured with minor injuries.

The fire has burned thousands of acres

This Creek Fire 45,500 acres have been burned in the Sierra Nevada mountains and remain at 0% content as early as Monday morning, according to Cal Cal Fire website. The fire started on Friday night, in the northeastern direction of Shower Lake and an investigation into its cause is ongoing.
Hundreds of people were rescued from the creek fire by people trapped in the wall.
This Valley Fire In San Diego County, southeast of the Alpine, 9,850 acres have been burned since it began Saturday and is at 1% content, Cal Fire San Diego said. Do a tweet Late Sunday night. Eleven structures have been destroyed in the fire and evacuation has been ordered in the area.
In San Bernardino County El Dorado Fire – Reveals using a pyrotechnic device that starts during sex – has jumped to 7,050 acres and is down 5%.

There are also several complex electricity fires across the state, with more than 850,000 burning acres between SCU, CZU and LNU power complex fires.

Records have been broken across the state

This forest fire year is the worst in the history of California in terms of burned acres. Cal Fire Captain, burning 2,094,955 acres of land, broke the record for the most flooded land in the state on Sunday. Richard Cordova told CNN.

“This is crazy. We haven’t even entered the fire season in October and November and we’ve broken all-time records,” Cordova said.

“It worries us because we need to get these firefighters off these lines and give them a break from fighting this wildfire,” he added.

The thermometer in the Woodland Hills of California breaks the 121 degree Fahrenheit record.
a National fire potential outlook A dramatic increase in fire activity in the west is forecast for September and October based on weather patterns released by the National Intelligence Fire Center (NIFC) last week. Winds and burning fuels in California also dried up severely, along with several multi-day heat and lightning occasions, the report said.
According to one, at least 10 heat records were cut this week Warning from the National Weather Service.

The warning states that it is the hottest event in more than half a century, when it was recorded in the 1950s, along with seven other records lost on Sunday in various parts of the state.

In Los Angeles County, where at least two fires are still burning, temperatures soared Record-breaking 121 degrees Sunday in the Woodland Hills. The National Weather Service Los Angeles also recorded the highest temperature of 117 degrees in the Paso Rubles, the highest recorded in San Louis Obispo County.

CNN’s Jade Timm-Garcia, Suzanne Culinane, Alta Spell, Artemis Mostagian and Paul Workman contributed to the report.

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