Calvin Harris, Scottish boy

Calvin Harris, Scottish boy

When his career began, he was just a shy guy who just got lucky. At the time, Calvin Harris seemed as though he didn’t understand what was happening around him: a moment ago there was an unknown musician still on MySpace – a moment later he had a contract and was in the studio with Kylie Minogue. was in

After all, he was just a boy from Scotland, raised in a small town called Dumfries. “Too many pubs, too many cows!” He summed it up at the time. On weekends, people would only leave the house to drink, but Calvin liked to play with his Atari sequencer. He eventually left the nest to live in London, with £4000 saved to work towards his success as an electronic music producer. Twelve months later he broke down and came back to Dumfries. “It was a disaster,” he admitted at the time. “everything went wrong.”

Back home, they eventually developed the homey, poppy sound that characterized their debut album, I Created Disco. “And then I went to MySpace because I was bored. I uploaded four songs and added a lot of friends, if possible people from the record label, to see what they thought of it.” , Calvin Harris had said contract in his pocket and was able to quit his job at Marks & Spencer. And the first thing he did after that was to work with Roisin Murphy. Something was happening that no one could stop.. .

In 2009, when “Ready for the Weekend” was released, Calvin was almost unrecognizable. He suddenly had appointments and tasks on a scale that were dizzying, plus he was getting rich at a rate that should derail anyone. A short time later he was already one of the highest paid DJs and producers in the world, working with the most successful musicians and being among the biggest stars – if he didn’t even date them, as This happened in the case of his brief relationship with him. Taylor Swift. This Scottish boy had now become a celebrity himself.

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Now there’s hardly a household name he hasn’t worked with over the years, whether on his tracks or on his own album. Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj come together on “Funk Wow Bounce Volume 1” in 2017. But most of all, “Vol. 1” is a Calvin Harris who has found peace in his life—it seemed he had arrived. The sound was relaxing and perfect for the rest and warmth between parties that no longer need extras.

Now, on Funk Wave Bounce Volume 2, he picks it up again. Now, as a stalwart of the pop business, it looks like he’s hanging out with friends by the pool. Except that her friends are called Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth, Justin Timberlake or Halsey. Calvin casually keeps his pop side as well as his funky here, and behind it he celebrates his love of modern soul and hip-hop. Which he did not dare to return then, as he thought it would be ridiculous for a nineteen-year-old white boy from Scotland to do R&B or rap. But as for mega-producer Calvin Harris, who counts Snoop Dogg among his friends…? Thus the “Vol. 2” Perfect for a relaxing end to summer: Put your feet up again or gently groove down, preferably with an ocean view and a cocktail in your hand. Here it is for you, Calvin! *Christian KL Fischer


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