Carne des on sale for 58 thousand euros

Carne des on sale for 58 thousand euros

a’the lonely island Close Scottish Coast, is considered one of the best areas for uncontaminated nature, was put on sale For 50 thousand pounds. Ale’isola di carne des, in the archipelago of the Summer Isles, in the north west of Scotland, is looking for a new owner just over 58 thousand euros.

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Carne is an island of des about 9 hectares in the Scottish Scenic Area of ​​Assint-Coigach You can spot porpoises, dolphins, whales, basking sharks and sea otters. The quiet island has a great beach which includes Rocks, creeks and a pebble beach With a welcoming atmosphere, thanks to the warm air of Gulf Stream. it is surrounded by clear water Mackerel, Cod, Sathe and Roast Cod, Crabs and Prawns.

offer Spectacular view over the Hebrides, on the mountains of Coigach and Assint and on the hills of Fanich and Torridon. Historically, farmers grazed their sheep on the island in summer, thanks to the fact that the island is connected to the nearby islands of Carn Ear and Carn Beag, which are also uninhabited, thanks to a pebble path leading to the sea. .

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