Celtic decide Glasgow-Milan 1-3, Chronic, Diaz and Hays in Scotland- Corriere.it

Celtic decide Glasgow-Milan 1-3, Chronic, Diaz and Hays in Scotland- Corriere.it

The Devil of Europe. Cup or league, Milan knows no other rules than victories: now they are eight out of eight, for a streak of twenty-one useful results. It is true that we are only in October, it is true that it is still early for definitive views, but all the qualities of this team and the qualities above it are clear, undeniable. When the away match for Celtic was released on a draw in Nyon, it was the first game Europa leagueAlmost everyone had changed their noses inside Casa Milan: the Glasgow Crossroads was considered the most fragile, most difficult, the major junction of the group. Instead it starts best: 3-1, with a goal Krunik, Diaz e Hauge. To clear, complete, well-deserved success, despite some avoidable misery from Aloyounsi’s goal after fifteen minutes at the end. With another 5 games going forward in 17 days, the duel will begin on Monday at San Siro with Roma who already know a Champions play-off will require every drop of energy. After January we turned, we smiled more and more in the final of Team Pioli

Fearing the Scots’ aggression in midfield, the coach surprised everyone by fishing from the attic Agriculture I With the task of welding the departments it was placed on a trocar in place of Kalhanoglu’s injury. A double assignment as a Raider midfielder, to be clear on Nocerino 2011/12. Unexpectedly as a trick it was apt: not even a quarter of an hour and the Bosnian jumps, more than anyone on a cross from Castillejo and channels into the evening in Celtic Park. The first goal for the 27-year-old Bosian to the Rossoneri, was bought a year ago by Empoli in July for 8 million euros, but is still not entirely convincing.

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The benefit clears Milne’s mind and contradicts the enthusiasm of the Scots, who, without oblivious spectators of Celtic Park – can distinguish, under normal circumstances – struggling to get the game back. As the minutes pass, Tonali also gains some confidence and begins to do what was taken for him: changing sides, playing first, increasing momentum. Signs of development from Lodi’s play, who will have to give more. Especially when there is a need to defend: his score on the Scottish goal is poor.

Moved to the left, Brahim Diaz | Instead he shows off all his sprint and technique skills on the occasion of doubling, just before the interval: sprint, fint, evil platter in the corner. In Hug’s Dynamics in 92, there is a network ‘that kicks off the competition. And Ibrahimovic? This time there is no need for his magic. He is marked as a man by Azer, a 22-year-old defensive center that Maltini dealt with in the summer before a much longer shootout from Celtic, 30 million. Watch out, as Milan may return to office in January: an additional central is needed, especially if we also advance to the Europa League. Which by no means is a secondary objective, given that the winner brings 35-40 million and above all places in the Champions League. Therefore, the Cup or Championship, the Devil has to keep right where he should go if he wants to go back.

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