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hShaking hands, shaking hands to an enthusiastic crowd, more shaking hands, some warm words here and there: photos from König’s first public visit Charles IIIThose being built in Dunfermline, Scotland on Monday, look familiar.

Even as the heir to the throne, the 73-year-old has made hundreds of tours with his wife Camilla across the state and beyond. After weeks of mourning for the deceased Queen, is “business as usual” returning to the Royal Family? No because as the new king finds his way into everyday life, unfamiliar voices are already penetrating the walls of the palace.

He confirmed on Sunday that the king would not travel to the world climate summit in Egypt next month – on the advice of the new British prime minister liz truss,

Charles – a long-time committed and well-connected pioneer of climate protection – is said to have already made plans and appointments for the summit. But as the British head of state, the king traditionally acts in agreement with the government – ​​and under the new head of government the latter does not have an overly green agenda.

Charles was “personally disappointed”, said an unnamed insider close to the king, the Sunday Times, which made the controversy public. But he will find a way to raise his voice in international meetings despite his absence.

communication is a bit different

It is an open secret that Charles’ views may differ from those of the current Conservative government. A few months ago, for example – at the time still the heir to the throne – he revealed that he thought the Tories’ plans for asylum-seekers in Rwanda were “sinister”. In his first speech as king, he expressed outright regret at not being able to support some of the concerns of his heart as before.

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