Charles III traveling in Scotland

Charles III traveling in Scotland

dunfermline – The new British royal couple have made their first public appearance since the end of the royal mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II. Dressed in the typical kilt, Charles and his wife Camilla were received by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in Dunfermline, Scotland, on Monday.

Dunfermline, along with many other British towns, was granted a Town Charter this year to mark the Queen’s 70th birthday. At the site, the royal couple were greeted happily in the streets by many onlookers who didn’t want to miss the new king’s visit. He folded several hands, waved to the crowd and exchanged a few words with those in attendance.

It is the royal couple’s first official visit after the end of the royal mourning phase, which lasts a week longer than the ten-day national mourning leading up to the monarch’s funeral. Charles, 73, spent time at his country home in Scotland after the funeral service. Like his mother, he is known to be a great lover of the northernmost part of Britain.

Charles and Camilla also wanted to visit a medieval church in Dunfermline, about 30km north-west of Edinburgh, where many of Scotland’s former kings are buried. A reception was later to be held at Holyrood Palace, the royal residence of Scotland, with representatives of the Indian, Pakistani and other Asian communities living in Britain.

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