China is on the brink of natural disaster as monster typhoon forces Hong Kong schools to close World | News

  China is on the brink of natural disaster as monster typhoon forces Hong Kong schools to close World |  News

Schools will close their doors all day following a weather warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. The meteorological organization issued a tropical cyclone warning signal number 8. The hurricane is expected to hit Hong Kong on Tuesday morning.

Weather forecast is expected throughout the day.

Tropical Cyclone Nangka is moving along the coast of southern China.

The Observatory said: “Tropical Cyclone Nangka will move in a normal direction around Henan Island today and will gradually intensify.

“Under the combined effect of the Nangka and Northeast monsoons, the coast of southern China will see heavy winds, heavy rains and hurricanes on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Public ferry services and buses have been suspended in Hong Kong.

Winds of 73 km per hour were recorded on Waglan Island in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government is reported to have opened 26 temporary shelters for residents.

The second N.8 storm indicated by the city this year is Naked.

Typhoon Higgs was the No. 8 spotted by Hong Kong in August this year.

It brought strong winds and rose to No. 2, the second highest level of the weather system.

Four temporary COVID-19 testing centers in the city have been closed due to heavy weather.

The Hong Kong Education Bureau said classes would be postponed in all-day schools on Tuesday due to weather hazards.

Wind speeds are forecast to remain high with heavy rains on Wednesday, according to the observatory.

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But heavy rains over the weekend in Hong Kong are set to ease.

Hurricane Nangka has already brought strong winds to offshore waters, the weather agency said.

The Observatory said: “Nangka is slowly moving away from Hong Kong.

“However, under its combined effect with the northeast monsoon, local winds are expected to be even stronger.

“In particular, the southern part of Hong Kong will experience strong winds.”

He added: “An anticyclone will be strong later this week, rainfall will ease and the weather on the coast of Guangdong will improve.

“Another tropical cyclone is expected to enter the central part of the South China Sea and move towards the end of the week, and will become more intense.”

Due to the heavy weather, Hong Kong has warned residents to avoid the coastline.


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