Christie’s spirit after Scotland’s epic qualifier

Christie's spirit after Scotland's epic qualifier

After long convincing to offer tickets for the Euro to Scotland on Thursday night during the play-offs in Serbia, Ryan Christie finally shivered until the penalty test. After this suspense filled Celtic striker struggled to contain his tears…

Scotland has been waiting for this for twenty five years… Scots will be in the Euro next year. The British team snatched their ticket on Thursday night in the play-offs in Belgrade after a crazy match against Serbia (1-1, 4 from 5 tabs). In the rain, Ryan Christie scored before the hour mark (52nd), but Luca Djokovic equalized in the final minute (90th). penalty shootout. The last panel shot by Alexander Mitrovic was stopped by Marshall. Scotland is in heaven. “It’s an incredible night, we believed in it from the beginning,” Ryan Christie said on Sky Sports’ microphone.

“I hope everyone is celebrating at home…”

The Celtic striker still can’t believe it. He claps his head with his hands, saluting the ideal of his guardian “Big Marsh”: “Unbelievable!” Shortly before the Serbian equalizer, the Celtic striker went through all the emotions. “When you are on the pitch you feel that you can still make an impact but when you go out you can’t see it being terrible. That’s the worst part.”

And then Christie, upon cracking up, realized that she had qualified her country for the euro in such special context due to a health crisis: “For the whole country, it’s been a terrible year for everyone , He says. We all knew. By entering the fray, we can give something to the country and I hope everyone celebrates at home tonight because we deserve it. “In Euro, Scotland face England , Will be from Croatia and Czech Republic.

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