Clairvaux-d’Aveyron. Lawrence Estate Scotland Bottles

  Clairvaux-d'Aveyron.  Lawrence Estate Scotland Bottles

Thanks to the nose of Vincent Lawrence, the Lawrence estate in Clarewax also offers whiskey. Double Ration with Blue and Red Leon.


25 hectares of bale (1.5 initially developed property for Gilbert and Mitchell).

29 km of roof embankments or surface area rich in natural flora and fauna.

1998, the date the estate joined the independent alcoholics of France.

2015, launch of whiskey production.

15 cuves of wine.

6 plot selection.

8 aperitif

7 white Garuda-de-v.

5 spirits including 2 whiskeys (€ 68.50 per bottle).

Blue and Red Leon. These are the names of two whiskeys in the Claravaux from the barrels of Lawrence Estate. Passionate about the agricultural engineer and whiskey such as many nectar celebrating the bottle, Vincent Lawrence has put his nose up to extract the staple drink from Scotland, and is now the most consumed in France. “We know to open our techniques and field to another activity, so we wanted to take a new turn”., Vincent, who occupied the property with his brother Pascal and his cousin Eric. A new line that writes a new chapter in the Lawrence family.

This succession, as dynamic and driven as it is, works with the development of consumption, with an awareness of the environment and an attraction for Scottish drinkers. Vine’s life is on the right track, with whiskey beginning five years ago. The first spirits still emerged from copper noses and beards, requiring three years of age for whiskey. Malting is local, materials are treated until distillation, the production chain is fully controlled to provide local push , Explains Vincent. Everything was recovered, nothing was lost. Like, wood is pasted to make chips. All you have to do is go to boutiques and cellars in the heart of Clairvax.

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These are two (essential) atypical whiskeys, “Mix of Anglo-Saxon and Silver Culture”, Says Vincent, “100% Pure Painting” Which is eaten at the bottom of the slopes of the Marseillac Valley.

Ratafia and Chinin Blanc Barrel

Red litta is obtained in aged barrels of red ratafia. “These casks give this whiskey a very warm and luxurious aroma of red fruit, vibrant and powerful spicy notes, the signature of a great whiskey with a very long finish.” A unique whiskey that goes by the beaten track. From the barrels of Blue Leon Cuvée de Flyers Blanc, the taste of the original whiskey is stirred. “A pure malt whiskey with a shiny amber color, made from certified organic barley, with its cunning, floral odor, its small natural flavor of caramelized hazelnuts, a rich finish with a consistent length.”

Vincent sang it poetically: “The goal is to keep the link with the local. We are not here to make Scottish or Irish whiskey. We see the richness of the local area.” This leads to the lives of many cuvés in red, white, rosé but also to plot selections that meet Domaine’s requirements. “This is a new expression, of the character’s wines, elegant and intricate for which we have allowed time.” Because time is the most precious thing. This richness of local terrier has also given rise to aperitif, brandy and spirits. Which includes whiskey.

This new frontier is the result of this young trio following in the footsteps of their ancestors. “Our grandfather Henry helped re-start the Marsilac appellation in the 1960s, then our parents, Michelle and Marys, Gilbert and Martine, took over the property with a three-hectare vine and continued to develop it . Activity, he acquired a distillery. Still “, Recalls Vincent, with a picture of Grandpa Henry above his head, in the shop opposite Clairwax Tower. Grass vines drive thyme, mint fragrances, where each essence, each combine of aromatic plants is found in the bottle. “Feedback is very good”, Vincent, is in charge of winemaking and processing. In one of the village homes, an immediate trip allows you to discover the barrels used for whiskey and, at the same time, to explore the long history of the wine of Marsilac (read on this topic Great illustrated book for the strip – a painter in Marseillac vineyard “Guy Saunilac, Editor’s Note). This beautiful story is now accompanied by the addition of whiskey, which the Lawrence family has known in decades.

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