Cleaning That Should Be Done Before You Move Out of the Apartment

When you are moving out of an apartment, you should consider eliminating all things that could make the landlord to eliminate your security deposit. The moment you are done packing and ready for move, the landlord will check every place inside the apartment just to confirm everything is in perfect order. Based on the final inspection, all repair costs will be determined and deducted from the deposit you gave when you were entering the apartment. To prevent that, you can hire end of tenancy cleaning professionals to put everything in order before you move out. What should you clean before you move out of the apartment? Here are some of the areas to take care of.

Get the Best Supplies for the Cleaning

Even you are going to DIY the cleaning process, you need to have the appropriate cleaning materials. They are plenty so you may spend some amount that is almost the amount charged by cleaning companies. Some of the items include disinfecting cleaners, dusting clothes, rags and sponges, baking soda, oven cleaner, paper towels, a vacuum cleaner and scrub brush. The list is long and there are other items like broom and dustpan that you need to as well buy to attain maximum cleanliness.

Check All Rooms and Give Them a Touch

Giving every room a once over is recommended. During this exercise, make sure you check for holes on the walls and floors and repair them appropriately. Remove all nails that are hanging and if you have coat hangers, this is the best time to get rid of them all. If some of the paint has been scrapped off, make sure to repaint it so that it regains its original aesthetic look. Clean windows and dust up all the areas so that you achieve maximum cleanliness of every room. If you have broken lights, make sure to replace them with new ones.

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Make Sure the Kitchen is Perfect

The kitchen is where you might leave a messy if you are not careful. First, check the kitchen sink and ensure it is draining properly. Since you have an oven cleaner, make sure you clean the oven and clear all the debris on it. After that, proceed to the fridge and the freezer and make sure you leave them appealing by clearing any sort of dirtiness. The microwave might have some food splashes inside so make sure you clean it well before leaving.

The Bedroom Must Be Left Clean

You have done a once check at the beginning but now it is time to sweep the room. Check all the closets and ensure they are devoid of any personal belongings and clean appropriately so that you don’t leave any unpleasant material inside. From there, proceed to the bathroom and ensure the bathtub and the water taps are all functioning properly. Wipe the toilet and make sure the sink is perfectly wiped before you leave. Clean the mirror if there are any splashes of fluids and other kinds of dirt on it.

Other spaces include the garage which needs a lot of sweeping and removal of any oil stains on the surface. Once that is complete, you can then confidently hand over the keys to the landlord and wait for your security deposit.


There is need to leave the house tidy and presentable before you leave. This is why if you don’t have the time, an end of tenancy cleaner is always the best option for you. These cleaners can guarantee you that after the exercise is over, even the landlord will be pleased that you lived in the house.


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