Climate. Morbihannais Benjamin de Molliens cycled for COP26 in Scotland

  Climate.  Morbihannais Benjamin de Molliens cycled for COP26 in Scotland

Quite a challenge. Benjamin de Molynes crosses the River Clyde, which crosses Glasgow in Scotland, Monday, November 1, 2021, where COP26 is being held. thirty-something, basically Larmor-Plage (Morbihan), left Lily with her bike overloaded All my things bivouac . For 22 October.

To cross a thousand kilometer road and the English Channel: I boarded a sailboat at the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, accompanied by a sailor who dropped me off at Dover.

A surge of solidarity for Breton that makes it a point of respect for spending zero money and producing zero carbon emissions. Principle of Zero Campaign, which he founded after working at Tech in the San Francisco Valley and revolve around the planet.

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dry sea, rainy land

The easiest part of the journey was crossing the English Channel: Seven hours watching dolphins and seals. this was good. Easy ferries that follow each other between Dover and the Port of London. In heavy wind and heavy rain, the last 500 kilometers to the island of Great Britain were hard to reach. Glasgow and the area between Scotland and England were flooded at the start of COP26 over the Halloween weekend.

Everything got tough in Lake District National Park (North of Manchester) with sacred peaks, wind, rain, says Benjamin de Moliens. I didn’t have a thigh anymore, but it was so beautiful you forget the fatigue.

climate fresco fans

Barely housed in a student boarding house, near Glasgow’s glittering University, Breton gave us an appointment on Wednesday morning at the entrance to the Blue Zone, where the 197 countries that have signed the Paris Agreement are negotiating. Action under the auspices of the United Nations. He then headed the Green Zone, a site dedicated to civil society initiatives.

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Benjamin de Moliens is a follower of climate fresco, An educational tool created by Cedric Ringenbach to better understand the consequences of human activities on Earth’s climate system. During this COP26, he leads workshops called two tonsFor the planet to remain on a 1.5°C warming trajectory compared to the start of the industrial age, a Frenchman would have to emit greenhouse gas emissions.

Before participating in ten days of climate activism, Benjamin de Moliens thought about warning his parents, Babeth and Philip, residents of Larmor-Plage.


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