Concert: Ireland and Scotland at Hotstat

Concert: Ireland and Scotland at Hotstat

Andy Lang once again inspired

What do you need for a mild summer evening, lots of hopeful and happy people, and a singer who sings about Ireland and Scotland in such a way that everyone gets in their heart?

For the fourth, but certainly not the last, Andy Lang is with the harp and guitar
. He sings about Konimara, a place in Ireland where traditions can be felt everywhere. He sings a Scottish saga by Dougie McLain, called “Caledonia”, and asks people to come to Scotland. Caledonia is the Latin name for Scotland. In his song “Kara” he bridges the gap with Pastor Wolfram Shriff, who knows the translation of “friend” as an Italian. The Irish word has the same meaning.

In his song “Circle of Friends” he speaks heartily to everyone, because we were allowed to see our friends in a very short time and very rarely. This summer’s first concert in the city park ends after 90 minutes with an Irish blessing song and the sounds of the visitors and the sounds and tunes continue to resonate long after at home. (afternoon)

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