Home Top News Construction workers find giant snake outside a Scottish pub

Construction workers find giant snake outside a Scottish pub

Construction workers find giant snake outside a Scottish pub

Giant snakes surprise construction workers

What a shock: Asymptomatic construction workers in Greenock, in the west of Scotland, carried out their routine work – until they were suddenly surprised by a giant snake. The animal is measured over four meters. The snake is not the only reptile found in the region in the past week…

A four-meter snake is examined by a vet

“Damn it, look at the shape” – words from a construction worker that couldn’t be more appropriate. Snake photos and videos show a giant reptile that lay motionless on the ground. According to “The Scottish Sun”, the animal was found in front of an otherwise well-frequented pub called “Broomhill Tavern” on Drumroom Road.

At first there were rumors that the snake had died. The police later corrected this information. A spokesperson told the newspaper, “The snake, about four meters long, is currently being investigated and looked after in local veterinary practice.”

Strange thing: Not far from where the giant snake was found, the small animal was discovered – it is said that it was about 1.80 meters long. However, this animal was indeed dead, the “Greenock Telegraph” reports.

Inspector conducts local investigation

As the Daily Mail reported, there have been more incidents with snakes recently. Inspector Paul Thompson of the Greenock Police Station said, “Officers are currently investigating reports of several large snakes sighting in the Greenock and Goroka area.” “I would urge anyone who comes across the snake, but does not come to contact the police. We are currently conducting a local investigation so that no snake is found.”

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Strange incidents are increasing

According to Scottish media reports, strange incidents are increasing in the Greenock area. A cat and three snakes have recently been found dead. Animal rights activists have classified this classification as “strange”, it is said.

The first snake was spotted in the Lanarkshire wilderness last week. It is now being investigated whether an increasing number of reptiles are related. According to media reports, you check if someone remembers his snake or not.


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