COP 26 in Glasgow/Scotland: Mayor Charlemagne Yancotti represents Porto-Novo there

COP 26 in Glasgow/Scotland: Mayor Charlemagne Yancotti represents Porto-Novo there

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Study and adoption of communications relating to the participation of the Mayor of the City of Porto-Novo at COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom) from 1 to 12 November 2021; Study and adoption of communications relating to the specific agreement between the City of Porto-Novo and the group of Sergi-Pontoise for the implementation of the artistic project “Les Sentinels du Climate”; The study and adoption of communications representing the strategic orientations of the Sustainable Urban Development Plan of the City of Porto-Novo.

These are the three (03) points of the agenda around which Mayor Charlemagne N. The work of the extraordinary session convened by Yankoti turned into the Porto-Novo Youth Center on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Responding to this invitation in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Law No. 97-029 of January 15, 1999 on the Organization of Municipalities in the Republic of Benin, the elected municipal officials of the capital city of Benin first noticed the item of the above agenda. Given the importance of COP 26, which is a logical follow-up to major climate-related conventions and which upholds the 2015 Paris Agreement with COP 21, they felt that Porto-Novo should participate. That is why Mayor Yankoti was given leave to lead a delegation to this world meeting, where more than two hundred (200) world leaders and about thirty-six thousand (36,000) delegates will be present.
During this event of great importance, the delegation of the Municipality of Porto-Novo along with other participants will monitor the key climatic conditions of the day.

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It should be remembered that the financing agreement for the Porto-Novo Ville Verte (PNVV) project was signed during the first edition of COP 21, held in Paris. Therefore the delegation led by Mayor Yankoty will occasionally highlight the path of PNVV and meet not only other city leaders, but also technical and financial partners, to see possibilities of additional funding for PNVV.

In addition, the mayor of the capital of Benin will take advantage of this opportunity to meet in particular Bruno Bernard, the president of the metropolis of Lyon, the traditional partner of the city of Porto-Novo.

The construction of the Vodun Museum in Porto-Novo was also discussed by elected officials of the city during this extraordinary session. In this regard, a team from National Agency for the Development of Heritage and Tourism (ANPT) made a presentation on the subject. The Director General of ANPT urged the Municipal Councilors to be involved in sensitizing the people especially the people living in the project area.

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