COP 26 officially opens in Glasgow, Scotland

COP 26 officially opens in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, UK – The United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow officially opens on Sunday, a day before world leaders gather in Scotland’s largest city to determine their approach to taking on the common challenge of climate change.

At the meeting, negotiators from nearly 200 countries will attempt to tackle the issues outstanding since the conclusion of the Paris climate accord in 2015, and find ways to step up their efforts to stop the global warming from falling. An increase of more than 1.5 °C during this century compared to the pre-industrial period.

Scientists say the chances of reaching the target agreed upon in the French capital six years ago are slowly waning. The world has already warmed by more than 1.1 °C and current projections predict that temperatures will rise by 2.7 °C by 2100.

The amount of energy released from such global warming would melt much of the planet’s ice, raise global sea levels and increase the likelihood and intensity of extreme weather conditions, experts have warned.

Many of the issues discussed during the November 12 summit have been on the agenda for decades, with policymakers debating how rich countries can help poorer countries tackle emissions and adapt to a warming world. The slow pace of action angered many environmental activists, who are expected to stage vigorous and constructive protests during the summit.

The first day of talks is expected to focus on procedural issues. A major concern is that not all delegates will be able to meet in person, as the capacity of venues and rooms has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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