Coronavirus Kovid-19: Scotland, Working Group of Catholic Church “to address the long-term pastoral needs of the community”

(London) “Hope and growth after a period of despair”. These are terms used by the Scottish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which announced the creation of a new Kovid-19 working group, which works with “the best test to meet the long-term pastoral needs of the Catholic community during the pandemic” Does. The newly formed group will be headed by Brian McGee of Argyll and the islands and will aim to “prepare, with forms of pastoral ministry that may be safe in the context of Kovid, the Catholic pargana and diocese for the event that the virus caused the ban Are extended. “In a statement from the Bishops’ Conference, Bishop McGee has defined the immediate response of priests and remunerators across Scotland as” extraordinary and very encouraging “, as our public closes and our churches are almost full. Have been closed with warnings. The harsh reality is also recognized that, “While it will be wonderful when our churches can reopen and we can resume our community life, Paris life does not quickly return to normal. May be until a vaccine or treatment is found. “For this reason, the Scottish bishop explains, the new Kovid-19 group was launched.” Help to find and advertise content and resources that can be used in a safe manner Help dioceses and parishes to face new challenge “.

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