Coronavirus revives tensions between England and Scotland

Coronavirus revives tensions between England and Scotland

Blue and white flags fly along the border of Scotland, throwing a stone from Berewicke-Tweed, England’s northernmost village. Wearing full suits and tartan-patterned masks, a handful of freedom protesters are sending a message in English this Saturday, July 4, to those who want to cross the border: stay home! An action in public opinion was severely criticized, but it nonetheless reflected a tense political climate.

It is in a few days that tensions surrounding the management of the Kovid-19 epidemic have increased greatly in the United Kingdom. Key sticking points: Anglo-Scottish border and air corridors that will end on July 10, for nearly sixty countries – including France and Spain – for quarantine imposed to use English territory.

A measure was decided without consultation

For more than a month, any traveler arriving in the United Kingdom would actually have to undergo a two-week separation and provide information to British authorities (date of entry into the country, etc.). This measure came into force on 8 June. The decision was taken without actual consultation with other countries in the United Kingdom (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), it was considered too late for some or “Destructive” For tourism or air transport.

In late June, a petition had already been signed by several thousand people in Edinburgh to close the border as a precaution.

Today it is an end-to-end method that crystallizes most criticism. While Westminster is now accelerating the disintegration of the country, The contrast with its neighbor in the north – where life is starting again, of course, but very slowly – is striking. “In England, the government is more enthusiastic about exiting quickly than in Scotland, Laura Webster, journalist for Freedom Media explains The national. It has gained momentum in the last few weeks. ” Not so in Scotland, where masks have been made mandatory in all stores from 10 July and hair salons will only re-open on 15 June Wednesday.

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Worried scots

Jubilation scenes that followed the pub’s reopening in London on Sunday 5 July – often without masks or physical distances – did not reassure the Scots concerned about the resurgence of affairs in the country. In late June, a petition had already been signed by several thousand people in Edinburgh to close the border as a precaution. If the Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, a member of the Independence Party SNP (Scottish National Party), indicated that there was “No plan” Regarding such a remedy, it is still considered “All possible options have to be considered”. Used for Trumpian statements, Boris Johnson responded to that“There was no border between Scotland and England”.

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