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Kovid: Cold reception for Will and Kate in Scotland and Wales - Europe

Coronavirus cases in the United States were over 7.5 million: According to Johns Hopkins University report, there are 7,500,964 infections in the country, including 210,886 deaths.

Fauci, the outbreak of the White House could have been prevented – Coronavirus outbreaks could have been avoided in the White House and there is evidence that Kovid-19, the US administration’s caretaker, an immunological member against Anthony Fauci, is not a hoax, CNN reported yesterday. “Take a look at what happened at the White House this week. It’s a reality. And with each passing day, more and more infected people are popping up,” Fauci said as he spoke to American university students Ki: “It’s not a hoax. It’s an unpleasant situation when we look at things like this, because it could have been avoided.” A student answering the question asked him if relatives who did not believe in the epidemic And what to say to friends, Fauci said: “Right now we have 210,000 people who have died and 7.3 million have been infected. Global. More than one million people have died. This is not a hoax. More Then: “You can’t say that people and American allies around the world are lying and calling it a hoax: it’s reality.”

And the cafes and bars in Brussels are closed for a month: This decision was taken from the new tightness initiated by the city’s Security Council due to a new surge in coronovirus cases. The restaurant will be open instead.

Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes across central Scotland including Glasgow and Edinburgh will be forced to remain closed for two weeks from Friday. According to the BBC report, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon made this announcement. “None of this is easy”, he said, stressing that he knows “life and work are at stake” with every decision. But with the increase in coronavirus infection “we should do more – he insisted – and we should do it now”.

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The number of new infections in Germany has set a new record since April: 2898 in 24 hours, as announced by the Robert Koch Institute. This is the highest number since last Friday’s peak, when 2673 were recorded, counting that many local health offices do not transmit data over the weekend, so a periodic decline is recorded. The number of patients in intensive care is increasing (449), almost 100 more than in the previous week, and the number of respiratory patients is also increasing (219). But there are still about 8900 spaces in intensive care, reports Tageschau. Since the onset of the epidemic, more than 306,000 have been infected, while 267,700 have recovered and 9562 have died. There were 16 deaths in 24 hours.

Contribute to a slight decline compared to a few The uk, Where another 14,162 people have tested positive for coronovirus in a total of 544,275 cases since the onset of the epidemic. According to BBC reports, the government has made it known. On Tuesday, 14,542 new infections were recorded. There are 70 dead, bringing the total to 42,515.

“The epidemic is steadily increasing. In some areas we have managed to curb things, but the virus spreads rapidly. And in places where it spreads very quickly, especially in adults and in hospitals where there is a lot of There are beds, then we live there. ” More restrictions have to go: French President Emmanuel Macron interviewed live on TV, commenting on the latest record figures for Coronavirus in France, 18,746 cases in 24 hours. “” We are not and we will not be in a normal time “In the coming months, Macron stressed, among other things, the need to empower citizens.

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