“Corruption at the Heart of the Johnson Government”

Edinburgh , Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party of corruption. “There is mounting evidence of systematic corruption at the heart of Johnson’s government,” Sturgeon said Monday in a panel discussion with reporters. “If we see this behavior in Russia or other countries, Boris Johnson will condemn it as corruption.”

Currently, Johnson Tories is embroiled in several scandals. The government’s majority initially blocked the suspension of a Tory MP for improper lobbying. It was also made public that the Conservatives had placed several large donors in the House of Lords.

Scotland: New independence referendum planned

“At the heart of his government is a deep disregard for rules and standards,” Sturgeon said. Johnson feels that rules and regulations apply to everyone but himself and his party. Johnson’s behavior is reassuring more people in Scotland about the need to take the future in their own hands, Sturgeon said, referring to the separation of Scotland from Great Britain promoted by his party. The Prime Minister is inconsistent and has no principles.

Sturgeon wants Scotland to gain independence and return to the European Union. Its aim is to hold a new referendum on leaving the UK by 2023. It is widely believed that the UK government has to vote for the referendum. Sturgeon insisted that the ball was on Johnson’s side.

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