Covid, “tsunami” of infection affects England and Scotland


New record for covid infection in the United Kingdom. In fact, the latest bulletin recorded 58,194 new cases and another 120 deaths, compared to 50,867 infections and 148 deaths in the last update.

And omicron-type infections are on the rise too: 448 new cases in the past 24 hours, taking the nationwide total to 1,265.

The growth trend is of great concern to British health officials and has prompted Boris Johnson’s government to implement the anti-Covid restrictions proposed by Plan B.

If the new version shows “mild” cold-like symptoms, the rapid rate of infection found “even in vaccinations” could still have “disastrous” consequences, according to Professor Tim Spector, who heads the zoo COVID study.

A worrying situation, so much so that Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks openly about the “tsunami of infection” caused by the Omicron version.

Scotland alone recorded 5,018 Covid 19 positive yesterday. “These are one-day figures, but that’s a sharp increase from the average of about 2,800 per day that we reported recently, precisely because of the much higher transmission efficiency and faster than this new version,” Sturgeon said. said.

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