Covid Vaccines in Scotland: “Fantastic” Effect

Covid Vaccines in Scotland:

they continue from overseas Good news on vaccination campaign, a glimpse of the future that we will see come true here too, if we start administering vaccines faster. Research led by Public Health Scotland shows “brilliant” effects (the term has been reintroduced Even strinsettissima. than even BBC) Anti-Covid Vaccines for Critical Illness: Four weeks after the first dose of the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, hospital admissions for COVID-19 were reduced by 85% and 94%, respectively, compared to either formulation it was done.

For all ages and for both vaccines. Awaiting publication in study journal Knife based on preliminary data of the EAVE II project (which looks at the electronic health data of 5.4 million Scottish citizens) and is very important as it measures the impact of vaccination in the real world And so it applies to any country that uses these vaccines. This first part of the analysis covers 1.14 million vaccinations (650,000 by Pfizer, 490,000 by AstraZeneca) administered in Scotland from 8 December to 15 February.

Scientists looked at the number of hospitalizations in recent months and calculated how many of these COVID patients had been vaccinated. Altogether there have been about 8,000 hospitalizations, of which only 58 were for people who had been vaccinated for at least four weeks. The effect remained disruptive across all age groups. Despite the vaccine received, there was an 81% reduction in hospital admissions in the 80s among those most at risk of severe forms of COVID.

Already after the first dose. The UK opted to delay the second dose of the vaccine and give the first dose to as many citizens as possible: the study considered the effects of a single dose 28–34 days after injection. This is a confirmation of the usefulness of this approach, initially much criticized in the scientific community, because of the protocol it follows during experiments. However, the study does not have limitations in measuring only hospitalization (and not, for example, deaths of hospitalized patients in RSA) and duration of immunity. We do not know how active the protection provided by vaccines is or, how long a single dose lasts.

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But the results are still very encouraging, and remind us of the importance of all the vaccines we have In preventing serious CoViD-19 disease: We knew it and the story being written now confirms this Vaccines save lives,


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