covid warning in scotland

covid warning in scotland


NS delta version shaking an area of Scotland. Ali Ragmore Hospital de Inverness, the largest hospital in the Scottish Highlands region, has closed the black code. There are 400 cases per 100 thousand population.

Delta version in Scotland: black code in hospital

NS Ragmore Hospital de Inverness, the largest hospital in the Scottish Highlands region declared a black code, which is highest alarm level. NS situation alarming Because of the increase in infections and hospitalizations caused by the delta variant. Ale’outpatient activity, except for cancer, orthopedic trauma and emergencies, has been suspended indefinitely as doctors and nurses engage in the third wave of COVID-19. Health management said they are making every effort to ensure that patients are treated “”fair and kind“.

Delta version in Scotland: dangerous situation

NS black code It is activated when the hospital fills up, which does not have beds for new admissions. It was established by the general director of the health facility, which organizes the services of ambulances, doctors and nursing teams. over fourteen regions of the Scottish Highlands. events are being recorded 400 cases of Kovid per 100 thousand residents, with a disturbing situation in Iverness, where the seven-day positivity rate is 292.9. Along with the increase in infections, hospital admissions also increased in the period in which surgical interventions were scheduled that were postponed during the strongest periods of the epidemic.

Delta version in Scotland: hospital note

We are also seeing a rise in cases among our doctors and nurses, many of whom have had to isolate themselves. As if that wasn’t enough, we are at the beginning of summer vacations and holidays. For this reason, the impact of the delta version was significant, especially at Raigmore Hospital, where patients had reached maximum reception capacity and had long waiting times in the emergency room. As a result, the hospital is currently under lockdown and all non-essential activities have been suspendedhe wrote in a note NHS Highland. The risk could rise substantially with the whole UK reopening on 19 July and hospitals could find themselves in serious trouble in the coming weeks.

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