Covid19 is another new version discovered in Scotland

Covid19 is another new version discovered in Scotland
  • in Scotland A new discovery was made Coronavirus version.
  • The variant may have originated Nigeria.
  • This variant has already ‘hit’ 13 countries.

After British, South African and Brazil Coronavirus, Another was identified. He gives news

In fact, the researchers ofUniversity of Edinburgh (Scotland) has published one discovery Which reports the discovery of a new version called B1525. The first cases date to December 2020. Since then, 39 cases have been identified The uk And in 35 Denmark. 29 cases have already been reported Nigeria, 10 in United States of america, 2 in Australia… in total 13 countries were affected, including France With 5 infections. But this number is the lowest compared to reality.

Scientists report that B1525 already contains many mutations E484K. It is a mutation in the spike protein, also found on South African and Brazilian coronaviruses. This allows the virus to penetrate better and, therefore, to infect cells. In addition, the effectiveness of some vaccines will also have an impact.

Simon clarkA professor at the University of Reading told The Guardian, “We do not yet know how far this new version will spread, but if we do this we can assume that the vaccine or the one received through a previous infection Immunity will be weakened. “

Although the virus was first detected in the UK in mid-December, it does not mean that it was there that it originated. The first infected were, in fact, associated with Nigeria, where a case was discovered in late December and where 12 of the first 51 samples were analyzed, indicating the presence of this new variant. At present, however, it is difficult to know where this mutation originated and in which countries later infection occurred.

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Thanks to the identification of this mutation, scientists can now focus on attempts to neutralize it and develop appropriate vaccines.

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