Craving for scotland in christmas wardrobe

Craving for scotland in christmas wardrobe

If we could fly into the highlands and go and breathe the North Sea air, we would already be on a useful flight. But we should return at the end of January, as 14 days of fidayeen separation is now required.

In short, as soon as you set foot on British earth, you are forced to quarrel. So, come, now, be content with dreaming of the end of the year at Balmoral, with a view of the palace of the same name, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite “Bean Retiro”. We look at the gray sky from the windows of our country house. And we create a wish for Scotland by pairing Subject Items in our cupboards.

Tartan that tastes of the sea

A craving for Scotland in the Christmas wardrobe. No red, once in a while, for tartan, but all colors of sand, waves and oysters.

A light-bottomed men’s hat with dark squares and a knot to soften the roughness of the felt. A short knee length coat in baby cashmere and double faced wool. White, black and gray with maxi-tartan on one side, and total black on the other.

Craving for scotland in christmas wardrobe

For a walk in the park, smoky knitted trousers and cappuccino high-neck maxi-sweater. Which is wide with some big black and white lines to remind the style of sailors.

A pair of mid calf bikers in leather with gray plaid inserts at the foot. Combined with Scarf, A hunting saddle in tartan wool in neutral tones with a leather profile. To stay at home, a warm shirt in beige, sand and sky blue woolen cloth.

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Timeless equestrian chic

For a walk in the village, we can dare a fashion inspired by horse riding. Military-style dark red maxi coat, with large collar and metal buttons, which Napoleon Bonaparte would have liked.

The white shirt is topped with a black sweater with a wide bottom. Beige Stretch Leggins are tucked into Black Leather Night Boots. Short flat shoulder strap in Cherry Red Calfskin, with stirrup closure. A round neck sweater with a large embroidered horse motif, for reading in the afternoon in front of the fireplace.


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