Croatia beat Scotland 16. Qualified for the round of

La Croatie sort l

The goal was to qualify for the Round of 16 at Hampden Park. No right of failure or even a draw, which would have ended all. Croatia and Scotland, with one point on the clock after two matches we had to win this tuesday evening, in the Scottish heartland of Glasgow.

A Scottish stronghold who nevertheless opened the Croatian score after an attack in the 17th minute. Juranovic signed a center, Perisic and Vlasic. exempt from Succeeds in a padded sequence to the chest then strikes from the left to change the first scoreboard.

Scotland will wait for the best moment to level, having picked up shortly before the break (42nd). Everything started with Robertson’s lower center, Vida pushed back to McGregor. The latter offered a shot flush with the ground that was short inside the net from right to left. 1-1, score at rest, With Scotland’s first goal in a Euro in 25 years.

Often the author of Match Full of Control, Luka Modric shines in the second half With achievement from elsewhere. Moved by Kovacic at the entrance to the surface, the 2018 Ballon d’Or shows why, despite his age, he remains one of the best midfielders in the world.

20 meters. on a lofty outer part of the foot, which would be entered into the left skylight of the Scots to restore the advantage to the Croats.

Croats who were also the takers His flight thanks to Perisic A quarter hour from the end. A header with a header on the near post scored a goal… Modric. What places Croatia in second place in their group, and eliminates Scots, who are last in this Group D.

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