Croatia wins in the 16th round! Modric and Perisic beat Scotland 3-1

La Croazia conquista gli ottavi di finale! Scozia battuta 3-1 nel segno di Modric e Perisic

to prevail 3-1 of Croatia On Scotland Which also means the insured round of 16 for the Balkans national team.

Deployment – Both need a company: in Glasgow, Hampden Park only needs three points to be able to pass from the best third: it is forbidden to draw, as both will be eliminated. Dalik fielded the highest possible quality in the median, with Brozovic returning and joining Modric with Kovacic a few meters ahead. The other Inter player is Perisic, central striker Petkovic, a former acquaintance of Italian football. Scotland Joe, with his usual 3-5-2, very compact, shows up with Adams and Dykes to capture the fortunes of the advanced department.

The first Scottish quarter of an hour – Scotland have made a better start, winning the first corner in ten seconds and engaging Livakovic in the first minute between crosses and corners. After 10 minutes here is the first shot, a big right from Adams who shaves the post. The first quarter of an hour is decidedly Scottish.

Croatia, however, attacks – On a good first occasion, though, here’s a sign of Croatia’s victory. The advantage was signed by Vlasic, who on 17′ received air bank in the field from Perisic and, kicking in a fall with a dirty left foot, signed 1–0. At 22, it is Modric who tries, with a great right from outside: Marshall flies and touches, with a touch that is not noticed by the referee (Argentina Rapalini).

Scotland response – Clark’s team reappears in the 24th minute: after a confusing action, McGuin goes with a left hand, defused by Livakovic. Less than ten minutes later Clarke had to make the first change, forcing Hanley to replace McKenna after a struggle. Croatia sees itself ahead: Juranovic powerful right footed shot in the 38th minute, high ball. Two minutes later Perisic tries a bad kick from a good position in the area. However, it is a parenthesis, as a 1–1 goal was scored in the 43rd minute. Callum McGregor made it with a right foot from outside, which, in addition to sending the two teams tied in the locker room at the end of the first half, disrupts Scotland’s fast at the European Championship for 25 years due to a lack of participation.

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Croats are better – Recovery begins with the name Gvardiol. The young full-back has two chances between 50′ and 55′: first he goes face-to-face with Marshall, but is bricked before being on the ground for a (regular) struggle, then one from outside Doesn’t clean up a very dangerous attempt. On 56′ Modric Perisic runs, answered by an excellent marshal. A quarter of an hour after the Croatian stamp, here’s the Scottish answer: Very timely for McGinn, caught by Armstrong’s cross, but bowled out.

Modric, The Legend – It takes a better technical signal to break the balance. And if not a modern god like Luka Modric, who can produce it? The 62′ Croatian captain brushes off a work of art, receiving a short exit from Kovacic at the edge of the field that turns into a powerful and angled outward neck that leaves no way for the marshal. Croatia-Scotland 2-1 in the 62nd minute.

Perisic shuts it down – After signing a momentary draw, McGregor tries again in the 68th minute but this time he has little luck. Same fate for Fraser’s shot five minutes later, as Kovacic hit the goal, even though Martial had not committed, not even sixty seconds later. The three of us are at the start of what comes on a firm ball: Modric joins a corner kick to the head of Perisic, who, from the near post, kicks on another, kissing him for 3-1. Scotland fell, but did not collapse, although trying to react fully: in the 80th minute Livakovic blocked Adams’ conclusion from a tight angle. The game slowly progresses towards the end, with Croatia, who thanks to a simultaneous victory over England, snatches the pass from second place. She will challenge another player from Spain in Group E.

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