Curtain between Royals, William and Grandma Betty on a mission in Scotland

I Reali in missione in Scozia, siparietto tra William e nonna Betty

Prince William blushes and “Granny Betty” refuses kiss. This happened during a visit to “Queens Bay Lodge Care”, a facility for the elderly in Edinburgh, and the news appears today in “Mirror”. The Duke of Cambridge faces the 96-year-old Betty maggie, Who, ignoring social distance measures, tried to “kiss William on the cheek.” “I want a kiss from the prince,” said Betty.

But the prince disapproves of her fanfare and sweetly promises her that she will return to kiss him, to visit him after the lockdown. William and Betty sat down to sip tea, and jokingly the prince said to the nanny: “Daughter, I don’t know who’s going to flirt here the most, me or him. It’s blushing to me! He whisked in his tea whiskey Put it, Betty? “

Royal Mission in Scotland

Prince William and his wife Kate are in Scotland, At the request of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to fulfill a very specific mission: Avoid referendum On the independence of Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Edward and Sophie Wessex will also arrive in the coming weeks: Queen Elizabeth has tasked her son and daughter-in-law to represent her in Scotland. Wessex would have to keep the Emperor’s presence alive among the Scots and try to persuade them to avoid permanent division.

During a trip to Scotland, William, who also has the title Scottish title Earl of street, Recalled that the day her mother died in 1959, Princess Diana was in Scotland: “I was in Balmoral when I was told that my mother was dead. In shock, the same morning I took refuge in the small church of Kathy Kirk. Lee and the days of pain that followed, I found solitude in the Scottish countryside. “But then he said:” With these sad memories, I’m very happy because in Scotland, 20 years ago, I met Catherine for the first time, Needless to say that the place where you meet your future wife is the place. Always a special place in someone’s heart ”.

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