Home Top News Czech Republic sends Scotland on board with a goal of 50m

Czech Republic sends Scotland on board with a goal of 50m

Czech Republic sends Scotland on board with a goal of 50m


14. June 2021 – 17:35 Watch

double pack from Leverkusen

What a splendid goal: Patrick Schick leather-bound in the opponent’s case from almost 50 meters in the Czech’s 2-0 win against Scotland. And it wasn’t the only goal from a Bayer Leverkusen professional that single-handedly gave his team an early victory.

even the first half

Shik was strong not only because of his hits. Prior to this, he had only failed with a straight reduction to Scottish goalkeeper David Marshall, who made it possible to participate in the finals in the playoffs (16) as a penalty hero. The marshal was powerless when Schick led it after a perfect cross from Vladimir Kaufal.

After a fierce and balanced first half, the feud between Marshall and Schick continued after the break. Leverkusen tests Scottish goalkeeper again (46th). Almost in turn, the hosts reported back when Jack Hendry hit the bar from 17 meters (48th). The legendary Hampden Roar, the distinctive murmur at the National Stadium, rang. And when Vklik intercepted his own goal by Tomas Kalas with a scintillating performance, the crowd came back with a swan (49th).

Bundesliga in peat fever

until Schick struck again. The 25-year-old realized with a brilliant long-range shot that Marshall was standing too far in front of the target. He continued the Bundesliga’s good scoring record: it was the eighth tournament goal by a professional working in Germany. At the same time, Poland’s world footballer Robert Lewandowski is yet to come from FC Bayern. (TME/DPA)


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