Dad is positive and the hospital sent him. by taxi

  Dad is positive and the hospital sent him.  by taxi

We receive and publish Magdalene’s letterA Roman girl who moved to the United Kingdom for a few years with her family. The story she tells us is exactly what her parents are experiencing, who have been ill for days with symptoms that undoubtedly make us think of Kovid 19. Only the father was scorched (positive result) but was immediately sent home from the hospital, as this was not considered a serious case. Sent away on foot or by taxi, without ambulance.

“My name is Madaldena and for four years I’ve lived in Edinburgh, in Scotland, where I manage a restaurant with my family. I left Italy from Rome, because I couldn’t find a job. I’ll give you a taste of it.” Wanted to let everyone take my pizza and I had to go to the UK to do it. Today I am very disappointed with this land, which I have done since my arrival. I believe that I am very bad about my country Think and look at Italy to this day. A place where you are safe makes you feel safer to keep extra money than you do. What good is it if you do not have any health? A hospital for covid19 Not admitted in, can certainly return home on foot, without being healed.

This is the story of my father, who tested positive for coronovirus, was hospitalized and released soon. My father did not want to go home because he was not yet well and instead he told him that he could. Without ambulance. On foot, or by taxi. At his expense. Which is our country? In Italy, a patient continues to remain in the hospital until he is better and above all, he is not sent home on foot, with the risk that he may infect someone else. My father came back in a taxi – without ever coughing – and God only now knows how the taxi driver who brought him home could live.

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But I start from the beginning. In mid-March, my mother was feeling unwell while she was at work. He was dizzy and unconscious. Back home she immediately went to bed and unfortunately, to this day, she has not woken up yet. In the immediate following days, the cough worsened, with cough and high fever up to 39 and a half. All body pain, chest pain, lack of taste and smell, loss of appetite and weakness that you cannot even go to the bathroom. For this reason my mother went out to call the family doctor, who had prescribed an antibiotic and paracetamol. The doctor asked my mother if she had trouble breathing, unfortunately she could not do more. My mother kept getting worse until, at some point, my father too became ill in the same way. On Sunday, March 29, my father called me, told me on the phone He thought he was dying And he urgently needed an ambulance. His symptoms were coughing so badly that he vomited, resulting in collapses and chest pain. I immediately tried to call an ambulance, asking her to be able to be a translator, as my father does not yet speak English well, but for obvious reasons I was forbidden – I They were told that they would have an interpreter. I also asked if it was possible to take care of my mother, as she was also not self-sufficient and all symptoms that both showed were a clear reference to Covid19. Finally an ambulance reached them, but there was no interpreter, so on the phone I had to talk to the operators to show my father’s symptoms. They took him to the hospital, leaving my mother alone at home, and also stunned by the violent flu.

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For my father, first taken to a room alone First swab And after another 24 hours, a second one is done. Finally comes the result of the second swab: negative. The response to the coronavirus test meant that my father was moved to another ward, a room with four others, although, due to his very strong cough, he was moved. Shortly after receiving a call from his father, who tells me that the results of the first test conducted are indeed positive and so they were taking him back to the infectious ward. At that point I spoke to a doctor, who explained to me that the first test was the one they were going to follow, so I had confirmation of what I thought from the beginning, which was my father’s coronavirus.

In the days that followed, I constantly called for information. My father’s condition did not improve, is spoilt, Like his fever which was growing more and more. Although his condition had worsened, he tells us that he would be out soon, as he was not in danger of life, so the hospital needed beds. My father was not well at all, but despite everything, he was given an envelope with cough syrup and paracetamol and after being in the ward with other patients and declared positive for Covid19, he He was invited to go home, alone, without an ambulance to bring him back. Too weak to get angry and argue, Dad took a taxi and went home like a loose cannon. Upon their return, I was away from home with bags of food for them and my mother. I waited there hoping that he could get better, but as he entered the house, he started vomiting again and got worse than before. He did not eat in weeks and was visually devastated. Never would I have thought that they could release it and especially that way. Khan is 59 years old and till date we do not know that my mother is also positive, because despite the obvious symptoms, it is not possible to take a swab. A test can be requested by calling 111, but the waiting time is up to six hours, after which the line drops.

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Now my parents are at home, alone, they are very ill and we know that British health care will not take care of them as they should. “


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