Dead Sean Connery, champion of Scottish independence –

Dead Sean Connery, champion of Scottish independence -

Our nation today mourns one of its most beloved children: thus the first Scottish minister, Nicola Sturgeon, paid tribute to the portrait of Sean Connery. Because the actor was one of the most ardent supporters of Scottish independence and a man more than proud of his origin: I am not an Englishman – he said yes – I never was and never will be. I am a Scotsman: and I will always be so. It is therefore no coincidence that the man who played James Bond on screen, the quintessential Englishman, became the face and symbol of the separatists. He was a global legend – added Nicola Sturgeon – but above all a proud and patriotic Scotsman. The premier recalled the opening of the first Parliament in Edinburgh in 1999 and his huge presence, recalling his commitment to his nation’s self-determination: a great thank you to all of us who share that belief.

Dead Sean Connery: He was 007 and Guglielmo da Baskerville seven times in “The Name of the Rose”, but also Highlander and Jimmy Malone in “The Untouchables”.
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Connery even stated that after being separated from London he would be ready to leave the Bahamas, where he lived, to return to live in Scotland: a dream he believed was now out of reach. was inside. I believe now more than ever – he recently announced – that Scotland is one step away from achieving independence: it should be no less than equal to other countries in the world. And the actor did not limit himself to words, but spent himself in the first person: already in 1997 he campaigned for a transfer of powers during the constitutional referendum and later I followed the successes of the Scottish National Party. Had to sprint. Now, like Moses on Mount Nebo, Connery closed his eyes before coming to the Promised Land. But the goal is almost over: Edinburgh will hold local elections in a few months that will see the Nationalists win and at that time requests for a second referendum on independence, after the unsuccessful one in 2104, will become inevitable. The predictions in favor of separation from the United Kingdom are unanimous: the morning of that day will still be thanks to Sean.

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