Deborah Caymbe Revolution in Scotland

Deborah Caymbe Revolution in Scotland

Deborah Kaimbe has just been elected Rector of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). Information that may seem insignificant. and yet. In four hundred years, 53 rector has succeeded as head of this prestigious institution. They were all white and 51 men. Therefore it is a woman who will take this position, and who is more, a black woman. “I express my deepest gratitude to those who nominated me as a candidate. This is a huge responsibility because I am an example to show the world that if you are able to do the right things and fight justice for yourself by forgetting yourself and putting the cause of others first, the reward will always be great “, He declared the day after the election.

Born in Kinshasa, forty-five years before today, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zaira, Deborah Kaimbe fled her country to escape an armed group she denounced, there are over sixteen. She had become a refugee in Britain. A lawyer, he specializes in human rights cases. She was a victim of racism in Scotland. But the attack reached a climax in the midst of a global mobilization against racism following the death of a black American George Floyd during his arrest by police in the US in June 2020. “Africa needs education, best education”, She insists. My role will be to ensure that it is high on the agenda. ”

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