Deep sea creature: Man finds bizarre creature on beach in Scotland

Deep sea creature: Man finds bizarre creature on beach in Scotland
Watch video: A man found a strange creature on the beach of Scotland.

well, what is that?

Mark Arnott takes a leisurely stroll on Edinburgh’s Porto Bello beach.

Place Marks: Scotland

Suddenly he sees a strange creature on the beach.

At first the engineer thinks it is a pine cone covered with moss.

But then the walker notices that the creature is walking.

“For a brief moment I actually thought it might be an alien.” -Mark Vs. swns

Walker crouches down and films his discovery.

“I saw this green thing with weird needles and I didn’t know what it was.”

When he turns the extraordinary creature over, he finds several tiny legs.

Pete Haskell of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, an environmental organization, is helping him identify the animal.

This is a washed sea rat.

Sea rats are worm-like marine creatures commonly found off the coast of England.

They are mainly found on the muddy sea floor and usually live at a depth of about 1000 m.

So this is a really unusual sight.

Especially the shimmering surface of green and gold makes this animal look like it is not of this world.

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