Diego Jota’s thoughts on winning Liverpool; Klopp says the m 45m transfer is fair

Diogo Jota TEAMtalk

Diego Jotta says playing for champions Liverpool means “a lot” and then helped Jજેrgen Klopp’s memo to a 0-0 win over Leicester.

23 year old Portugal international Has scored an astonishing eight goals in 12 games and needs no time to settle down at Anfield.

The 41 41 million deal, which could increase to 45 45 million with the D-Sons after seeing the impact on Klopp’s first team, now looks like hell.

He reflected on another brilliant night for Liverpool at Anfield after moving on to the second goal. Which proved to be a regular victory.

Speaking with BBC Match of the Day“Playing in this team, being a world champion, means a lot, I wish we could win the match and I could be important too,” Jota said.

“We did an excellent job, aggressively, creating opportunities, as well as defensively. In the end it was a great match.

“Every team feels the same, everyone can be important, ready to help each of us physically and mentally.

“Those are three points, but they were close to the top there. We’ll go again on Wednesday.”

Klopp applauded next to him, telling Sky Sports: “We deserved it. The boys played incredible game against top, top, top opponent.

“I don’t take things for granted. The boys were football wise on fire. The front line runs really well. We should score more goals.

“I like the overall performance – the result and the clean sheet. We defended incredibly well.

“The front line didn’t play together very often but how they did today wasn’t bad.”

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Asked about Jota’s contribution to the club, Klopp added: “He couldn’t have scored without Andy Robertson’s superb cross.”

“All of these passes and then Joel Mattip to the robot, Mark Albrighton trying everything to win the battle and then the super movement with the sensational cross and Diego from the robot.

“He’s a good player, that’s the reason we signed him.”

Difficult situation

He later added in the BBC match the day: “We scored three goals and conceded none, we defended exceptionally well, controlled the game, there were a lot of good things, I can’t choose the one that makes me happiest – Probably the performance of James Milner right behind.

“He played an extraordinary game, first there and then in midfield.

“That’s what we expect from ourselves. The injuries at that moment were a big shock, but the boys have to give solutions. We have the center part, they’re really young. They’re not experienced, you saw the bench tonight.

“It simply came to our notice then [Keita] Getting away with a muscle injury You know the problems won’t go away.

“The boys know they have the quality to come when they are allowed to train with us. We don’t give tickets for training, you have to qualify with talent and skill. It’s a tough school, there are so many steps to fill.

“We have to make sure we get well but the navel injury doesn’t help.”

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