Differentiating Cannabis From CBD Flower And Other Products

The world of medicine has always been ever-changing, as with its principles. Many experts have emerged and changed the way we understand medicine from ancient times to today. We might cringe or feel appalled at some of the practices that were done before, but it was the only thing that they had for themselves.

For example, there were many disturbing cures for the black plague back then, including but not limited to urine, fecal matter, fires, and candied horseradish. We might be lucky these days that we have modern medicine on our side, but ancient medical practices still exist today for a reason.

Plants are the most important ingredient in every dish around the world. The same can also be said in several concoctions used in traditional medicine. Many people might feel that these practices are inadequate, but some of them do work quite well when used properly.

There are also some cases wherein the right plant was used, but not the right kind or part. It was often a trial and error process, but more often was an error more than anything. However, these experiments also led to discoveries, and some plants have always been there for ages waiting to be discovered and used.

The History Behind Marijuana

The marijuana plant is one of those that was discovered but was misunderstood. Oftentimes, it was also misused as it became one of the poster children for dangerous and nefarious drugs. There is a good reason for it: the plant’s extract is psychoactive, especially when you consume it right. Most of the time, it is prepared for drying, then the output of this process is used for smoking. However, many cultures also used it for medical as well as religious reasons.

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It was not until it became illegal that people were more enamored by cannabis. When the government interfered, people started using it more and started a trend, as you can read here. Arrests happened, and years passed, but still, the users continued to advocate for the legalization of the supposed safe drug.

It wasn’t until the introduction of hemp or medical marijuana that it became more accepted into society. Once laws have been passed like the Farm Bill of 2018, it became more apparent that even our leaders are thinking of making it legal.

However, real cannabis or marijuana is still considered illegal based on our laws. The alternatives gave users a way to use it without being subject to the law in question. For this reason, there are now many products available that are derived from these plants, and they are often labeled as CBD. It is now so common that people from almost every age group are aware of it. There are still misconceptions surrounding the product, but overall it has been embraced by most of the general public.

Clearing The Confusion

For example, the products that are available these days often have confusing names for some people. Even though they look the same, how to tell CBD flower from weed is a question that many still ask. It is not easy to differentiate them based on look alone since most products derived from weed and hemp look like green lumps. However, there are several ways to do it, and they are rather easy to spot if you know what you are looking for in the product.

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CBD Products Often Have A Lighter Green Hue

It is not a general statement, but most of the CBD flowers and buds that you see in the market will often have a different hue compared to the marijuana-derived ones. Many theories are surrounding this, but it is often attributed to its chemical composition. We all know that most cannabidiol products would only have the said compound with a little THC in some cases. The original versions will often have more cannabinoids, and this can affect their color.

CBD Products Are Properly Labeled

Many countries throughout the world are increasingly softening their approach to marijuana and its derivatives, enabling recreational users around the world to grow their own cannabis or integrate cannabidiol products into their routine as a safe alternative to traditional medications. For this reason, they would often have the labels clear enough for anyone to read them. Others are more creative with their packaging, though, and their choice of words reflects it. Others might assume that this is to hide it from the public when in reality, it might just be for marketing purposes.

Check The Content

If the brand name is non-descriptive, the best way to differentiate CBD from marijuana is the chemical composition itself. We had mentioned it before when we talked about color, but there is a more serious reason why this is the case. Most laws that have accepted CBD only covered those that are made from hemp or medical marijuana.

If it is made from cannabis alone, then it is still illegal in these areas as it is considered psychoactive. The CBD products that you commonly see these days would have low levels of THC, which is the compound responsible for psychoactivity. Learn more about THC here: https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-thc-in-marijuana-4080556.

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If you are looking for CBD products, there are now many ways to buy them. You can check out local stores if it has been legalized in your state. There are also online stores available for those who might want convenience. Most of these shops also deliver, so feel free to ask if they can have it straight to your home.

Also, always remember to enjoy CBD responsively even if it is already considered safe. It would be best to take it if you are already in the comforts of your home to avoid miscommunication and confusion about its usage.


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