Discover Scotland: Calton Hill in Edinburgh ^%

Discover Scotland: Calton Hill in Edinburgh ^%

When in Edinburgh, choose a day that is not too cloudy and climb up Calton Hill slowly, to have a beautiful view of the whole of Edinburgh, the Forth of Forth and the Bay.

Calton Hill to Edinburgh It is on the list of places protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is located at the end of Princes Street and goes up to 100 meters. You can follow the road to climb or step on it.

This is only the best view! Like when you go above Florence and see the whole city.

Many years ago there was a prison here, which had a bad reputation for the way inmates were treated.

The imitation of a Greek temple you saw at the top is called ‘Edinburgh’s shame’ by the residents of Edinburgh because the money ran out and it never came out. Memorial was to be made for the dead soldiersDuring the wars of Napoleon and imitating the Parthenon in Athens. Nearby you see a building that used to be an observatory in the 1800s, but the smoke at Waverly Station obscured the sky a lot and is now used only for display.

The high tower you can see in the photo is built as another memorial, built as a thank you, but this time for Nelson to win the Battle of Trafalgar, in this case against Napoleon Too. You can climb it and you will have even more beautiful views!

View of Calton Hill in Edinburgh

The view from here is beautiful and you can see Arthur’s seat and the palace’s other hills of Edinburgh. The hills here are of volcanic origin, old volcanoes that have been extinct for centuries.

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There is a fire festival every year on April 30 on the hill, it is called Belton Fire Festival And is of Gaelic origin.


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