Downing Street hits 100th coronavirus press conference

Downing Street hits 100th coronavirus press conference

Boris Johnson will later join his medical and scientific advisers for a coronavirus press conference – the 100th briefing since the epidemic hit the UK.

The Prime Minister will be overseen by Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Valens – the original briefing line-up, which will return to the first press conference on Downing Street on March 16.

The death toll in the UK now stands at more than 5,000,000 six months ago, a lot since its first briefing.

Mr. Johnson determined the need for “strict measures” to address the “rapid growth” of coronavirus on the initial processor.

Pro. Whitty said measures to prevent the spread of the disease should be for the “long term”, an early indication that normal life was about to change for a while.

Three days later, on 19 March, Mr Johnson said the UK could “recruit” the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak in the next 12 weeks, if people take the precautions taken by the government.

First Briefing on March 16 (PA)

28 days ago that day the Prime Minister said: “I am conscious because days have passed that people will want to know how long we expect them to continue.

“I think in view of all this, we will be able to turn the tide within the next 12 weeks and I am confident that we will be able to send coronavirus packing to this country.

“But only if we take all the steps mentioned, it matters, how we will lower the peak and once we achieve that and I think we will take action,” he said, then the scientific progress we are making. It will really be implemented. ”

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In a June 16 briefing, in response to a reporter’s question about turning the tide within 12 weeks, Mr. Johnson said: “I said we would turn the tide, and I think we did in 12 weeks.”

But alas, the Prime Minister and his advisers will once again reach their podiums at Downing Street later today.

It is not clear whether any particularly important ones will be announced, but an official spokesman for the prime minister said on Tuesday: “It is intended to provide an update on the latest figures. It’s not because there’s a certain set of new announcements to make. “

The daily briefing ended on June 23 and it was publicly stated that the briefing would take place in the future only to “connect with significant announcements”.

Then there are the seven coronavirus briefings since the daily briefing closed and Wednesday became the eighth, and a total of 100m.

Mr. Johnson entered the coronavirus briefing podium on March 16, and today will be leading the press conference for the 21st time.

He would have led further if he had not attacked Covid-19 himself, he was so ill that on April 6 he was moved to intensive care after his symptoms became more severe.

Coronavirus - Fri May 22, 2020
Home Secretary Preeti Patel was the only woman politician to lead the briefing (Andrew Parsons / 10 Downing Street / Crown Copyright Pirate)

Just this week Mr Johnson was declared “fit like a butcher’s dog”, denying speculation that he had not fully recovered.

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Other ministers led the briefing before Mr Johnson fell ill, but at this stage the government had no choice but to send other ministers to inform the nation and take questions from the press.

Overall, Health Secretary Matt Hancock leads the most briefings with a total of 24, followed by the Prime Minister in second place, while Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb is in third place with 12.

Sun Shi Sunak, Robert Genrick, Michael Gove, Grant Shapps, George Utis, Gavin Williamson, Oliver Dowden and Alok Sharma are leading the less than 10.

Home Secretary Preeti Patel has led at least three briefings out of a total of three, making dozens of press conferences very male-dominated matters.

Dr. as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer Fisher of England. Jenny Harris was the only woman to appear on the podium another 20 times as often as other men.

Overall, counting both politicians and experts, a total of 24 men attended the briefing and only 11 women.

The five-day briefing on weekdays saw some blockbuster moments.

Following the revelation that his chief assistant Dominic Cummings had run 260 miles during the lockdown, Mr Johnson decided to join a press conference on Sunday, May 24 to defend the No. 10 adviser.

Reports later came that Ruth May, England’s chief nursing nurse, was to attend a briefing when she refused to support Mr Cummings ‘decision to allow his family to live on his parents’ farm in County Durham.

Coronavirus - Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has led 24 of the 99 briefings so far (Leon Neil / PA)

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was forced to deny the reports during a June 12 press conference.

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Some changes took place after the briefings began – shake-ups, questions from the public, and podium slogans.

Initially, the slogan on the podium was “Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives”, “Be careful, control the virus, save lives”, and above the podium is the fabulous latest message “hands, face, space”.

Prof. Whitty and Sir Patrick are now household names in the country living room due to the epidemic hitting the UK.

But the pair have been criticized by Tories and accused of trying to “intimidate” Britons.

Former Prime Minister Sir Desmond Swayne has claimed that the introduction of two men earlier this month to warn of how 200 or more people die every day in the UK in mid-November without the current rate of infection is a “crime to put down”. Hanging

But he will be by the side of the Prime Minister today once again to provide one more update on the coronavirus epidemic in the UK.


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