Dozens stranded in France and Italy

Dozens stranded in France and Italy

Fifteen more people were taking refuge at the Vivola train station after being rescued by daylight.

The search for the missing shepherd, who was pulled into the floodwaters on the Cole de Tende, is under way, said Luca Cari, a spokesman for Italy’s fire department. His brother managed to capture a tree and was rescued while officers searched the French side for a shepherd.

Kerry said the condition of the tunnel on the mountain pass was complicated by the fact that France’s emergency response could not enter his side due to flood damage.

According to the Italian Civil Protection Agency, the Piedmont region of northern Italy has not seen continuous rainfall overnight since 1958, with 630 millimeters of rain falling in a 24-hour period.

Hundreds of rescue operations were carried out. Eleven campers were rescued in the province of Versailles, where floodwaters reached a 20-year high. And the Alpine Rescue Squad rescued seven people who were in flood-ravaged houses in Terme de Valdari; Some had to be kept on stretchers due to mud conditions and accumulation of detritus.

The city of Limon Pemonte in Italy was flooded by a firefighter next to a car that was partially submerged after heavy rain. Storms in France and Italy have killed at least two people and left at least 25 missing.
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On the other side of the border, in south-eastern France, the average rainfall of almost a year fell in less than 12 hours in the mountainous area around the nice city. Nice Mayor Christian Astrosi said more than 100 homes were destroyed or severely damaged in the area.

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French Prime Minister Jean-Claude Stacks, who flew to the region in a helicopter, confirmed that at least eight people were missing in France, including two firefighters whose vehicle had crashed into a road.

“I can’t hide our serious concern at a fixed toll,” Kastex said.

Many concerned families did not listen to their relatives as cellphone services were cut off in the area.

The Prime Minister said that, as I speak, the priority is to search for the affected, to restore supplies and accommodation for the affected people and to restore communication.

Rescue efforts include 871 personnel working on the ground, as well as military helicopters and soldiers assisting in emergency assistance, Kastex said.

On Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter to express his gratitude to the rescuers. “We’ll go through this together,” he said.

France’s national meteorological agency, Matteo France, said some areas received up to 500 millimeters of rain, about a year of average rainfall.

Matteo France issued a warning of danger on Friday and all schools in the region were closed. Local officials urged people to stay home.

In central Switzerland, flooding along the banks of the Rus River closed most of the A2 Highway – a major trans-alpine road. Further east, 13 residents were evacuated from their homes in the town of Diazbach due to flooding.


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