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  Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands |  NDR.de - Television - Programs

Despite the harsh weather, Scotland is a dream destination for many. But that is what makes this country so attractive.

from the capital to the highlands

So: Pack rainproof clothes and off you go. In the capital, Edinburgh, Joan K. Rowling wrote the novels “Harry Potter”. There are dark, narrow streets and underground passages through which the ghosts are taken on a walk. And here you can hear a bagpiper on every corner some day. The haunting tones of Scottish music in Cannes continue among the Highlands and at a very special type of sporting event: the Highland Games. The Highland Games take place almost everywhere in the summer months in the Scottish Highlands, but they are most famous in Bremer. The Summer Palace of the Royal Family Balmoral is very close. And almost every year the queen comes for an hour.

Mysterious Loch Ness

We head west. The most famous and largest lake in Scotland is: Loch Ness. Due to the many peat particles in it, the lake appears almost jet black. It feels almost mystical and certainly feeds off the legend of the monster “Nessie”. But true or not, one thing is certain: everyone who comes to Loch Ness looks over the lake to see if they suddenly see a giant sea monster.

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