Elim CDM 2022 / Europe: Scotland overthrow Israel, Denmark continues and Austria confirms

Elim CdM 2022 / Europe : L’Ecosse renverse l’Israël, le Danemark enchaîne et Autriche confirme
Scotland – Photo Credit: Icon Sport

Three matches were played in Group F on the evening of this Saturday, 9 October 2021, towards the 7th day of the qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup in the Europe region. Shockingly, Scotland dominates Israel (3-2), Denmark confirms its supremacy against Moldova and Austria raises its head.

The explanation between Scotland and Israel ended in a score of (3–2). Israel took the lead in the 5th minute thanks to Jahvi. McGinn equalized but Dabber scored his team’s second goal in the 32nd minute. Dykes will miss a penalty before the break. He makes up for his return from the locker room at the end of the 52nd minute. It is almost towards the end of the game that McTominay manages to snatch the victory for his team.

In Moldova, Denmark had fun after beating the Danes four goals for zero. Skov Olsen (23rd), Kajar (34th), Norgaard (39th) and Mahle (44th) took advantage of the first half to cross the compound. The third Group F meeting ended with a 2–0 win over the Faroe Islands of Austria. Konrad Laimer (26th minute) and Marcel Sabitzer (48th) scored twice.

The Danes, with 21 points, are seven points ahead of Scotland (14 points). Israel and Austria have the same number (10 points). At the bottom of the rankings are the Faroe Islands (4 points) and Moldova (1 point). The Dane’s success against Austria on Tuesday, 11 October, will allow him to officially validate his ticket for Qatar 2022.


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