EnBW and BP are planning an offshore wind farm off Scotland

EnBW und BP planen Offshore-Windpark vor Schottland
offshore wind farm

Wind turbines of EnBW’s Baltic 2 offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea off Rügen Island.

(Photo: DPA)

Düsseldorf energy company NBW and oil company bp Expand your cooperation in offshore wind power. Both companies want to build another large wind farm on the Scottish coast. They had already announced plans to do so in the Irish Sea last year.

The two groups have now been awarded contracts by Crown Estate Scotland for the development of an offshore wind farm with an area of ​​860 square kilometres, which manages royal land holdings in Scotland, as the NBW announced on Monday. Here the “Morwen” wind farm is to be built from 2026/2027.

With a generation of 2.9 GW, it will provide enough electricity to supply electricity to 30 lakh homes. The area is about 60 kilometers off the coast of Aberdeen and, according to the company, has great water depth and good wind conditions. Both companies are equally involved in the project.

EnBW and BP celebrated the success of the auction just over a year ago. At that time he was given a contract for an area in the Irish Sea. The two partners are looking to build Morgan and Mona wind farms here, which together will have a capacity of about three gigawatts.

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“Following the success of the auction in Great Britain last year, we are of course particularly pleased that we have been able to win a site auction for offshore wind farms with BP,” said NBW boss Frank Mustiax. With projects in the Irish Sea, “Morvain” is the largest offshore project in the company’s history.

oysters Builds floating wind farm

BP CEO Bernard Looney described NBW as an “excellent partner”. In fact, the energy company from southern Germany is now one of the most experienced wind companies in Europe. The company joined the German coast back in 2010 and now operates four offshore wind farms with a total output of one gigawatt. The energy company is also planning the first offshore wind farm in Germany without government funding.

The former nuclear company, which will have to shut down the last reactor in the coming year, had already decided in 2013 to prepare the power generation for the energy transition. To date, EnBW has invested five billion euros in renewable energy, and an additional four billion are planned by 2025. With major projects in Great Britain, then there are billions more outstanding.

BP has to look for alternatives away from its core oil and gas business and is looking to invest billions in renewable energy.

The same applies to its major competitor, Shell: it secured a large field at auction with British utility Scottish Power. The two partners are looking to build two offshore wind farms with a total capacity of about five gigawatts.

Two wind farms are to be built on the east and north-east coasts of Scotland. Shell and Scottish Power rely on floating technology, in which wind turbines are not attached to sea level but are mounted on floating foundations. The technology makes it possible to build offshore wind turbines in deep water.

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