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England celebrate on their way to beating Iceland

England ended their Nations League campaign with a 4-0 win over Iceland – but which players impressed the most?

Phil Foden (3), Declan Rice and Mason Mount were all on target in favor of Gillette Southgate as they watched their opponents, who sent Becker Mar Severson to the second half.

Here we evaluate individual performance …


Highlights of the UEFA Nations League A2 match between England and Iceland

Jordan Pickford – 7

A quiet night for England’s No. 1, but he had to punch well early on and showed a commitment to play later by delaying, delaying and finally knocking out Bukay Saka under pressure. Not more than the inspector in the second part.

Kieran Tripier – 7

Kieran Tripier

One of Gareth Southgate’s most trusted performers, Tripper gave England a good spread at the right width and crossed the can well on a half-time stroke. Running back to Intercept during Iceland’s second-half attack, he showed his manager an energetic, work rate.

Kyle Vaker Tax – 6

The taxman has been criticized for his spots in recent weeks and has opted for unnecessary bookings for a hefty challenge to Sigurjonson. Touched plenty, but was very reserved in the first half of his offensive game, making an ambitious cross bar before the break. Arneson lost from a corner for Iceland’s best chance in the second half and then closed soon after.

Eric Dyer – 7

Not much to do in the hearts of the last three against the limited Iceland attack but initially had to run back to cover the back innings and had the speed to face the risk. Upgraded again early in the second half and later had to move on from an aggressive free-kick to keep himself in the game.

Harry Maguire – 8

He returned to the XI after missing a trip to Belgium via suspension and had a much happier experience at this stadium than his previous Nations League appearance. Later a wrong pass came out that gave Iceland a sniff, but mainly he was a welcoming and eager contributor to England’s attack, pressing to the left, and Foden could take help by chance. Tried his luck too late in the end.

Bukayo Saka – 7

Bukayo Saka

Took it by presenting it with a second chance to impress in the left wing back role. A more powerful attempt at the ‘keeper’ after the break could have gotten the scoresheet with a miss-kick in the first half, but problems arose throughout Iceland, with Savars applauding him as early as possible and then sending him back.

Declan rice – 7

Declan Rice celebrated the first goal for England

Rice’s goal – the first for his country – may have slipped off his shoulder but he won’t wait a bit. He got England on his way and when it was a defensive straight night, Rice handled the ball well and kept the tempo with his passing.

Mason Mount – 8

Re-established in central midfield, where he made an impact against Ireland, but intended to play more than the pitch – and did so for real effect. Saw early shots blocked and connected enthusiastically with Jack Grillish. Sharp and clinical when he reacted to Bux to tuck into another in England. He will be able to play for 25 minutes after strengthening his case.

Jack Grillish – 7

Jack Grillish

In Belgium, England’s star performer performed one more amazing performance against Iceland. He was winning a free-kick on the edge of the Iceland Buzz, which led him to the England opener and he was repeatedly punished by the Icelandic defender, who struggled to handle his deception.

Phil Foden – 9


Phil Fode speaks of his happiness and relief after scoring his first goal for England in a 0-0 win over Iceland in the Nations League at Wembley

Neat and tidy as always with his touch – though deeper than he would have liked earlier – but his free-kick for the rice opener points with his help and could score with a close-range drive at 30 minutes. Since then played at high positions and went home with 10 minutes to play before crashing into a second. Then the party tricks came out.

Harry Kane – 7

Birkir Berzenson of Iceland and Harry Kane of England battle for possession

Despite five shots on goal, desperate to score but ultimately disappointed. Half an hour ago, Bux fired from the edge, saw that a low shot immediately went wide, and then he tried to go to the fun, so shot outside the distant post as well. His transfer was also delayed to go with a free-kick but to no avail.


Harry Winks – 7

Mount continued to mount for 65 minutes and stroked like a stylish steroid as he always does, which created many opportunities for teammates and also took help for Fodan’s long-distance strike.

Tyrone Mings – 6

For Kyle Waker and a left-handed 25-minute game on the back of England but Iceland’s limited ambitions were gone at the same time.

Tammy Abraham – 6

15 minutes to play, but he had no real chances.

Jadon Sancho – 7

Disposed of his first vicious attempt but he was reminded of his pin and skill as he ticked up England’s third-ranked Fodon.

Innsley Maitland-Niles – N / A

Sent with just five minutes to play.

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