England and Scotland part ways with a gloomy 0-0

Les trois lions dormaient ce soir

At home, England have once again failed to live up to the expectations of the people.

The general opinion is that England are the favorite team for the Euros. The Reason? They will play, if they go to the end of the tournament, 6 of the 7 home matches, that is, at Wembley. But we must admit that so far Three Lions disappoints.

He won the first match against Croatia on a goal from Sterling, and this Friday he got all the penalties in the world against Scotland. At first, there were not many opportunities and this was due to the very rare movements of Southgate players.

Also, Harry Kane has been unrecognizable since the start of this Euro. He cannot get into position, nor can he be dangerous. Fortunately, Mount and Foden are trying to settle the situation, but the opposing goalkeeper is attentive, as is Pickford in the first half.

After the break, the British put a little more heart into the task and Mount once again warned the marshal, without success. Jack Grealish makes his entry just before Reece James saves a ball on his line. The game is running, and it’s not meant to offend us, but the score doesn’t budge.

Finally, the draw shows the physical identity of the meeting. With 4 points out of 6, England have yet to qualify and will have to validate their ticket against the Czech Republic … and win to finish first in their group.

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