England don’t shine and Scotland make a great impact: they end 0-0 at Wembley

England don't shine and Scotland make a great impact: they end 0-0 at Wembley

England failed to advance 0–0 against Scotland in a valid match on the second day of Group D of the European Championship. A game that the Scottish national team, organized, solid and compact on points, deserves to win. The English reach the Czech Republic at the top at a height of 4, while the Scottish rise to 1 arm with Croatia.

In the magnificent setting of Wembley,England 0-0. did not go beyond against Scotland In matches valid for the second day of Group D whites. A match that the Scottish national team, organized, solid and compact, can deserve to win on points. A step back for the Southgate team after the win against Croatia, while the sign bodes well for the Scots who take home a valuable point. Everything is decided on the last day with England facing the Czech Republic and Scotland facing Croatia.

It rains, there is intensity, there is oddity and spectacle in the stands, but there is no rhythm. England-Scotland remain in the first half of the fire: the first comes from Stones who hits the post with a header, while the second in the field gives O’Donnell who calls Pickford into the Super Parade with a dirty volley . In the second half the teams got longer and the match became more fun. Scotland have a super scoring ball with Dykes, who, after making a door with the English defence, invented a fine volley behind Pickford, which was saved by an extraordinary save on James’ line.

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Southgate tries to change something even with important choices: first outside Foden and then Kane (both heroes of less than brilliant performances), and Grealish and Rashford inside, unable to deal the proverbial blow to the hosts. With the exception of a risky intervention in the field by Robertson on Stirling, Scotland risked little when the coup touched down with Adams.

And now everything will be decided on the last day in Group D of Euro 2020. The current ranking sees England and the Czech Republic at number four and Croatia and Scotland at 1. The first two will face each other and with a draw they will both be sure of qualification. If, on the other hand, one of the two had to win, there would be a risk of losing. Everything will also depend on the confrontation between Scotland and Croatia. With a win, either the Scots or the Croats could hope to qualify.


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