England first, Sterling takes care of it. Croatia-Show with Modric and Perisic, Scotland eliminated – Libero Cotidiano

  England first, Sterling takes care of it.  Croatia-Show with Modric and Perisic, Scotland eliminated - Libero Cotidiano

Czech Republic-England 0-1

England return to the roar with their sterling jewels, finish first in Group D and look forward to a big match between Germany, Portugal and France in the Euro 2020 round of 16 with full optimism and self-esteem. Southage’s formation, which appeared more solid and dangerous in the offensive phase and never so solid in defense (zero goals were accepted only in the historic World Cup in ’66 and Spain in the second group stage in ’82) helped the Czech Republic Tilted 1 -0 thanks to a goal signed by the Manchester City young striker after a quarter of an hour. The Czech Republic paid for their lack of forward aggression and the talent of their goalscorer Schick, who went out in the second half without scoring. With this defeat, the Czechs climbed to third place in the group, overtaken by world runners-up Croatia, who beat Scotland 3–1 in Glasgow, thanks to their best talents such as Modric, author of a masterpiece. to be seen. in football schools, and Perisic, who pierced the hosts in the second half, who, together with McGregor, equalized Vlasic’s advantage goal in 17. It remains a second round descent for the Czechs as the four are eliminated from the best thirds, who have gained four points in the standings, but risk finding a big one in its path. But even for the British the first place certainly wouldn’t make the route smoother. A great eighth final awaits him that will elevate a European ready to enter the deciding stage with a straight elimination. However, the Englishmen have shown great strength and power, quickly turning the match downhill with an early start. Sterling signs a post first and shortly afterwards uses a valuable assist from Grealish in the 12th minute to score and unlock the head game. It was a real match for at least 45 minutes, then the match went off without great emotions and with little dynamics on both sides. This frustrates Schick as he shows signs of waking up Kane who tried to make himself dangerous a couple of times in the first episode.

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The play-off match between Croatia and Scotland was more lively and belligerent, where the support of their supporters in Glasgow was not enough. Too much quality in the Croatian team to try to cherish the dream of a historic qualification. To take the world runner-up at hand in the second half, star Modric, author of a network of anthologies with a perfect winger from the edge of the field slipping past the Scottish goalkeeper. A goal of CUE applause followed a goal from Nerazuri Perisic, who closed the account after a fairly balanced first half marked by Vlasic’s goal and McGregor’s reply, which left the Scottish fans confused. After the introduction of the European Colourless, the Croatians showed that they had gained new confidence and were candidates to be the second stage heroes.


Croatia-Scotland 3-1

Croatia beat Scotland 3-1 at Hampden Park in Glasgow, in a race valid for the final day of Group D of Euro 2020, and finished second in the group. Croats with Vlasic in 17th, McGregor equalized in 42′, then world champions in the second half took off with a feat by Modric in 62 and a header by Perisic from a corner kick in 80.


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