England-Scotland, the oldest rivalry – Euro 2020

Scotland on knees with English, Sturgeon applauded - European Championships 2020

The oldest football rivalry at the international level has grown even more in recent years by Scotland’s demand for renewed independence, unlike yesterday – at Euro 2020 – the “Auld Enemy”, England.
The two national teams close to Hadrian’s Wall have faced each other 114 times over the past 149 years: after the first challenge – in 1873, at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow – ended in a draw, the clear supremacy of the Three Lions was established, Able to win 48 times (25 losses) in all competitions.
“A special match”, in the words of coach Gareth Southgate, who, however, preferred to throw water on fire over recent tensions due to Brexit, which fueled a desire for isolation in Edinburgh. “It can never be a normal match against Scotland – the words of the English coach -. It is a match that offers different dynamics, which go beyond the strictly sporting aspect. But we only need those challenges. Should be good at focusing which Scotland will face us. Will be presenting on the field”.
Scotland’s coach, who would have to capitalize on a misplaced debut against the Czech Republic, also wanted to reduce the comparison to football circumference. “It’s a game that also means a lot to the English, who never want to lose against us – commented Clarke – but I like to think of our players that we have one out of two matches against England. Is a. For the first time in our history win the points required to pass the group stage of the European Championships.
“The boys have to believe in themselves. This will be the first condition to be able to play at a good level – he continued – many of them are fellow England boys and are used to meeting them on the pitch and meeting them in important matches. So I can’t imagine that they can go into this match without believing that they can get a good result.”
With a win, the British would be sure of a second round, with one round remaining. Also, for this reason, despite Harry Maguire’s recovery, Gareth Southgate is set to field the same line-up as his debut, with one exception in an attack by Jack Grealish for the disappointing Phil Foden.
The first success against Croatia confirmed the predictions of the local bookies, who indicate the English as the favorites for the final victory. Even more so yesterday, again at Wembley, against Scotland, who appeared completely harmless in the attack against the Czechs. “But I don’t trust them, because I have seen their qualifying matches and I know they are a good team that know how to make themselves dangerous – warned Southgate -. It is too early to say who is the favourite, We are starting to qualify”. An exercise in healthy realism while excitement grows all around – between tabloids and social networks – around Three Lions.

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