English and Czech are almost there, Croatia and Scotland can return

Josip Juranovic et la Croatie peuvent encore espérer une qualification en tant que l’un des meilleurs troisième, mais pour cela ils doivent battre l’Ecosse, demain soir.

Will there be a match at Wembley? Between a stunning Czech Republic and a disappointing England, the temptation to ensure a draw, which of course qualified both teams, is likely to be great. Especially since the opponent in the eighth does not look more economical than the first in the group. On the contrary: France, Germany, Portugal or Hungary for the first, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain or Poland for the second.

If two selections have equal marks (4), then their performance does not at all reflect the expectations placed in them. Many expected the “Three Lions” to bite a lot, while we may not have given the dear checks, yet finished first in the group on the eve of the result. Thus the revelation Patrick Schick (3 goals) will be eager to stay in the race for the title of Euro’s top scorer, while English star striker Harry Kane will finally be looking to unlock his counter.

There will be talk of making a place in the second match of the group in Glasgow (9 pm). with equally opposing mobility. Last World Cup finalist Croatia does not disappoint, but a win will guarantee them a pass among the best third. Scotland, with their “fighting spirit” hung up on the English (0-0) and even passed close to hold-up. This time, he will have to play Billy Gilmour without his young master, who has been imprisoned due to COVID-19.

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Scoring three points in front of the home crowd on Tuesday would certainly move her up to eighth place. A draw, on the other hand, will see neither one nor the eighth.

group d program

first day:

England – Croatia: 1 – 0

Scotland – Czech Republic: 0 – 2

second day:

Croatia – Czech Republic: 1 – 1

England – Scotland: 0 – 0

day 3:

Tomorrow London, Czech Republic – England (9 PM)

Tomorrow in Glasgow, Croatia – Scotland (9 PM)


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