EU wants to use Scotland’s vote to take on London

EU wants to use Scotland's vote to take on London

6 May Scotland There will be parliamentary elections, one of which will be particularly dominated by the desire to hold a new referendumIndependence Scottish. In this regard, 170 figures from the artistic world took to the field, including writers and intellectuals, who participated in drafting a letter addressed to European leaders. In a letter signed by Roberto Saviano and Elena Ferrante, among others, it is specified that if Scotland intends to return to Europe, it would be welcomed in the best possible way.

The normal procedure is for the European Union to respond to a request for membership only if it comes from an independent country “, Reads papers published by many European newspapers. “Scotland is entitled to a different route. As long as it is legally part of the UK, the Scottish Government cannot negotiate with the European Union. But the EU can declare that – since Scotland has long been part of the Union – If it becomes legally and democratically independent it should not apply as a “new” candidate country. The EU and member states should offer open and unilateral membership, meeting Scotland’s extraordinary circumstances An extraordinary offer for “.

The initiative, which takes place a week after the vote, has a clear objective: to bring Scotland to its sideEurope, Building and building it from Great Britain the division Within the UK. In Scotland, parties such as the Scottish National Party are pushing for Scots to ask if they intend to return to Europe, while conservative Labor and Liberal Democrats have spoken out against independence, stating that the country’s priorities remain current. Are different. Michael Russell, party president, said he would “Desired” If it is subsequently decided to become independent of the United Kingdom, a referendum on Scotland’s return to Europe should be held. Russell’s words, he wroteFree He caused a fuss. Russell was charged “Confusion” I “lack of clarity” A few days before the vote, thus creating an atmosphere of tension among the voters.

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SNP leader Nikola Sturgeon, for his part, defended himself by saying Referendum it’s not necessary. “It’s not my policy“Said Sturgeon, for whom the position of Scots has been clear since the Brexit vote, when 62 percent of the citizens voted.”Most scots want to join the EU“. Taking advantage of the forecasts given for the definitive election to Parliament with an independent majority, Europe, with its initiative, reaffirmed its desire to want Scotland among its ranks. Great britainIn the name of a democracy, which according to conservative Dean Lockhart would do more harm to Scotland. “Europeans must always fight for democracy and solidarity” Reports the letter. “Therefore we ask you to express your general solidarity with the citizens of Scotland and support the democratic election of Scotland.“.


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