Euro 2020: In extra time, Hungary pass Scotland, Slovakia on penalties, in the 92nd minute. Outside serbia

  Euro 2020: In extra time, Hungary pass Scotland, Slovakia on penalties, in the 92nd minute.  Outside serbia
Roma – In addition to North Macedonia, which are also celebrating in Georgia (Hungary) and Scotland (0-1), two of the host countries, and Slovakia, thus becoming the last 3 teams to qualify for Euro 2020. In Hungary Budapest they defeated Iceland in a comeback (2–1), beating Serbia in Belgrade, Scotland on penalties that had them recovered in the 90s (1–1), until finally Slovakia managed to prevail in extra time. (1-2) over Northern Ireland in Belfast.

Hungary, qualification with thrill

Hungary won a daring match against Barson’s Iceland which was complicated only after 11 ” due to an unbelievable ‘paper’ by Gulesi, which was not an irresistible central punishment from Sigurdsson. The Magyars hit a wall for the rest of the game and only drew in a daring way in the 88th minute with Nierog, who took advantage of a lucky double roll at the feet of the Icelandic defenders and gained a right in the running by a few steps . Iceland missed the 1-2 in the 92nd minute and, after a reversal, suffered a 2–1 defeat to Szoboszlai, who slammed the door in less than 25 meters with a millimeter that hit the post before entering the network. . Hungary will be part of the iron group along with Portugal, France and Germany and will host the first two in Budapest.

European Championship from Scotland after 24 years

Scotland returns to a final tournament after 22 years and to the European Championship after 24 years. The hero of the evening in Belgrade was Marshall who saved Mitrovich’s decisive shot at 5-4. Kolarov and Valhovic, left on Serbia and benches with Milenkovic, Lukic, Lajovic and Milinkovic-Savic from 1 minute long at the mercy of the guests, left together from outside Christie in the 52nd minute. He risked capitalizing on the double under certain circumstances but managed to straighten out the challenge in the 90s, taking over from a corner of Djokovic as the dismal Milinkovic-Savic in the 71s. In extra time Marshall saved the result on a long shot by Goodlaj and then repeated himself in the final by chance. Scotland will be in Group D with Croatia and the Czech Republic, which they will host in Glasgow and with England, which they will challenge at Wembley.

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Scots Cheer: Mitrovic misses Serbia’s final penalty (Reuters)

Slovakia beat Northern Ireland in extra time, scoring kukka

Slovakia from Skriniar, Lobotka and Kucka started well in Northern Ireland. Already in the 17th minute he passed with the Parma midfielder, who used a counterattack to defeat Pharrell with a fairly accurate shot. Northern Ireland threw their hearts over the barrier and, in a generous and confusing final attack, was rewarded: a cross from Schneiner to the right of McNair displaced his target. Slovakia skidded and had a knockout blow from outside Régio Lafferty in the 90th minute that hit the outside post. Hamshik and his teammates breathed a sigh of relief and went on to qualify in the 110th minute with a stunning 22-meter right-foot shot from Duris. Slovakia will be in Group B along with Spain, Sweden and Poland.

Definite composition of six groups of Europeans

This is the creation of six rounds of Euro 2020, following today’s play-offs
Group A (Rome, Baku): Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland.
Group B (St. Petersburg, Copenhagen): Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Russia.
Group C (Amsterdam, Bucharest): Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, Macedonia.
Group D (London, Glasgow): England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland
Group E (Bilbao, Dublin): Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia.
Group F (Munich, Budapest): Portugal, France, Germany, Hungary,


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