Euro 2020, Schick overtakes Czech Republic: Double and Scotland

Euro 2020, Schick overtakes Czech Republic: Double and Scotland

A slick in deluxe format gives Czech Republic a winning start at Euro2020, Bayer Leverkusen striker, former Sampdoria and Roma, sign Scotland 2-0 with one goal at a time: a precise header in the 42nd minute of the first half and a Euro-goal left in the 7th minute of the second half From half the line mocking the opposing goalkeeper Marshall.

For Jaroslav Silhavi’s team, fresh just ten days before a heavy defeat against Italy, redeemed only partly by success against modest Albania in the final Test, Group D could not get off to a better start, as Scotland lost on course. Didn’t agree Fans at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Amazingly with Adams on the bench, Clarke’s national team got off to a better start but struggled to find the door.

The first chance of the match comes around the fifteenth minute: Schick on one side tries, however, to find an attentive marshal, on the other hand Dykes Wacklick is beaten. A few minutes later, on a dangerous left foot from Robertson, the “guests” goalkeeper’s show begins, with Schick, the legendary hero of the match, finding the ‘net of advantage at 42: Kaufal’s cross from the right is accurate, The shot head from the Czech striker is unstoppable.

The recovery begins with Adams in place of the impregnable Christie, but it is the Czech Republic who touched twice in the first 90 seconds with a normal skik and then twice with Darida. Scotland, however, is not there and reacts quickly by hitting an unfortunate crossbar with Hendry in the 48th minute. A few seconds later, Vklik deflects an involuntary lob from his teammate Kalas through the door, then the moment of definite turning point: Sousek recovers the ball, Shik sees Marshall out of positions and from 50 meters to the left he hits the check. Making fun of him while doubling down.

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Of course Scotland doesn’t give up and try every way to get the game back on track, especially with Dykes, stopped twice by an unbeatable Vaiklick. In the final the new entry Forrest tries as well, while the Czech Republic are still dangerous on a counterattack. Thus ends, 2–0 for Silhavi’s national team, who could have already put on ice the qualification for the next round against Croatia on Friday.

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